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Rocket Gnomes

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Rocket Gnomes love to celebrate and what better way than to do so with fireworks?

Join in the adventure with these lively green little gnome folk who love to party... with rockets!
This is my first game and originally made this for android device however I felt that it lacked "meaty content" to be an android game.

My programming skills still need work and its something I'm planing to improve on. Hope you enjoy this small game as much as I had fun making it!

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The design seems pretty unfocused and ultimately uninteresting, including multiple unrelated ideas, rather than having every element contribute to a single idea. Then there are the two ideas of aim/shoot and dodge: since they are both linked to character movement they inevitably run into one another. Plenty of fun games do this, the problem is that the same controls aren't the only link between the ideas: you have to aim at someone and get out of their way at the same time. Putting yourself in danger to win could be exciting, if it extenuates the last minute, put it all on the line theme, but instead it comes across as counter productive. This idea pops up again with the limited gun range, which forces you to pull forward to be able to hit the guys in the back, giving you less time to get out of the way. A way to fix this paradoxical design would be to remove the charging enemies all together, and then have "soft-boundaries" around the player's actions rather than definitive ones: make the player have to choose between dodging and shooting, and leave room for success and failure foe both paths. Have the player shoot one enemy, thus exposing themselves to the aim of another. Ideally, they would switch between the two quickly and fluidly, always being faced with more choices, always having more opportunities to do well.
Artistically, on the other hand, it is really good! The music and visuals are both great! Had plenty of gnomes.