NES Gamesplit (demo)

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Well, after all this time I have the programming 99% done on this NES RPG. It may be a while before I get all the maps and characters added into the game, so until then I hope this demo release will wet your proverbial whistles. If you want to play with BG music, there's a link you can click within the game. ENJOY!


Great game

i like the story, and the final fantasy type gameplay.

Good Game

This is a nice game. I like how each creature has its own attack rating and timing. I noticed that there are still several bugs. Link disappears and the game freezes after getting the master sword when you kill the fairy, and also after leaving the second store. Other than that, it could use music and sound effects which I know will be in the final version. Good job so far. Just needs some tuning. Can't wait to see it when its complete.

Decent game

Nice work.


It's a nice remake and you did a good job on the NES nostalgia, but it's kinda boring.


Where is the fucking sound? It's fucking boring! Make sure the real version is a lot better then this!

PsychoGoldfish responds:

I know reading is probably not your strong suit there bubba, but if you apply all the power in your pea brain you'd see that there is a version on my site with full BG music and what not. It uses a hidden midi frame so songs can be loaded as needed without pumping up the file size of the main game.

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3.63 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2002
1:01 PM EST
Adventure - RPG