Engineer Millionaire

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All what you have at first is the ingenious machine, which produces money while you spin its cogwheel.

As you earn money, more opportunities are unlocked for you:
- engines, which will work while you are away
- coal mines, which dig for fuel for your engines
- balloons, which travel far away and bring money back
- coin stompers and *real* magnifying glasses, which increase the value of coins passing by
- portals, which generate narrativium to give you boosts when you restart the game (prestige).

I'm working on this game since January and finally ready to show it to NewGrounds community! If you have ideas or suggestions, please, post your comments here or join our facebook group (link inside the game)

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This game has a great premise, but is incredibly unbalanced. There's also not nearly enough information about what things do, the screen gets very cluttered very quickly, it's hard to line things up in some ways, the play area seems way too small, there don't seem to be any real goals, steam engines are totally useless for getting decent rotation, and everything just feel cramped. Again, great idea, but I question the execution. Probably needs a more exhaustive tutorial too.

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you! The reason why I gave only a basic tutorial is to let the player keep the explorer's feeling. For example, buying new room or tower expands your view. Coal engines work better than wind-up engines on long runs (when you are going to leave your factory for day or so).

And when everything is unlocked, you can get a factory like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB95kGDJJgg

The player's aim cycle in this game is to unlock everything (including the portals) and then restart the world with a bonus.

Seems like a unique idea. The art is pretty neat and the menu is clear. At first it was a little confusing and to be honest, the game is not a lot of fun.

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you, I'll think of improvements.

Good concept, but horibly wonky gameplay. Setting cogs is confusing at best and impossible at worst. one coal deposit was at the edge of the playing field, so when i put my excavator on it, it's cog was off screen, just, needs a lot of polishing.

GeneralVimes responds:

Got it, thank you, will release a fix soon

add natural gas pockets gas wells and gas engines that you have to pipe the gas too

GeneralVimes responds:

Will do! Perhaps I will even stream the development process in our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/steampunkplayers/

I suggest, if you plan to do the '1 upgrade' system, then make a seprate screen for upgrading machines, but also keep a smaller indicator for when they can be upgraded. The booster is fine though. Along with that, maybe flesh out the buy menu more? It takes up a lot of space and maybe could be a scroll instead of a mass of icons.

GeneralVimes responds:

Good suggestions! Yeah, maybe I should set it vertical and be more compaq. In my distant plans is the implementation of the upgrade tree, where one basic machine could work differently after upgrades.Will think how to provide better upgrade interface

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3.08 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2018
4:07 PM EDT
Simulation - Job