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Engineer Millionaire

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Author Comments

All what you have at first is the ingenious machine, which produces money while you spin its cogwheel.

As you earn money, more opportunities are unlocked for you:
- engines, which will work while you are away
- coal mines, which dig for fuel for your engines
- balloons, which travel far away and bring money back
- coin stompers and *real* magnifying glasses, which increase the value of coins passing by
- portals, which generate narrativium to give you boosts when you restart the game (prestige).

I'm working on this game since January and finally ready to show it to NewGrounds community! If you have ideas or suggestions, please, post your comments here or join our facebook group (link inside the game)

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Note: Money stompers are overpowered if you put them in a separate room and have a one-way door for the coins to go into the stomper room (make sure the trapdoor is closed for this part), and then you just wait as long as you want. then when you're ready, switch the door setting to let the coins out and make sure the trapdoor is open to collect your earnings. also could we please get a sandbox mode?


i was really surprised that you asked for crash info, thats pretty cool of you and something i have not often seen in a browser game before

the balloon machine is pretty much useless because of how little money it produces, and the coal mining isnt very profitable because the sonar just doesnt work fast enough. all the money we have to invest in either of these would be better put into the money machine.

we should be able to delete or move machines if we want to. its very unclear how things work at the beginning of the game and if more space is going to cost money then we should have some basic guidelines laid out before we place permanent structures. my factory is doing ok but its about 50% wasted space because i cant get rid of the crappy design i made while trying to figure out how the game works.

the initial money machine is in a visually appealing position but a very inefficient one. two money machines can be fit in one room if i place them properly

money stompers dont really turn any kind of a profit, they just waste space where another money machine could be placed

trapdoors wont let you click on them if there are coins blocking the floor. there appears to be no reason to click on the coins, so idk why they would cause this problem, or why the trapdoors even close in the first place.

it would be helpful if we could zoom in and out with the mouse wheel, and if we could hold the zoom buttons instead of having to click them repeatedly

imo we should be able to link cogwheels together using a chain/rope/etc. you have this for the engine's cog, so it shouldnt be too hard to add it for stand alone gears right?

its unclear what effect upgrading the bank has

after placing a second coal harvester, i found that i was only allowed to build a drill on the original mine. this renders additional mines completely redundant.

we should have a lot more horizontal space imo, which would also help resolve a lot of mining issues

****came back next day****
i placed a money machine facing a wall and the coins just fall out of the building and through the ground. i cant turn the machine around or move it, so im losing more than a million dollars on that and the purchase of the room.

placed a balloon machine with its cog clearly in contact with two other already spinning gears, but the cog wont spin without me touching it.

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you very much for such detailed info. I keep working on the game and definitely expanded my TODO list.
As for the balloons: at first they bring little money, but their income stacks up.

Maybe the game wikia will be useful: https://steampunk-idle-spinner.fandom.com/wiki/Assembly_line

I really like this game but I feel like the factory theme could be expanded on, it is possible for full automation but it feels incomplete with how difficult and expensive it is to even consider trying to sync up high levelled machines so a way to manipulate routes and speeds like having doors on timers or switches. lots of little machines that control the pace of coin production and how all the machines activate and when

It's a good game, quite fun. However, I wish there were a few things that could be changed. Mainly, there should be a way for coins to pass through a door in two ways.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2018
4:07 PM EDT