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Pike and the Singin' Salmon

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Pike shows her new "Singin' Salmon Sampson" to Cecile, who thinks it's possessed by a demonic spirit.

(Originally made in August 2018.)

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This one got me, I LOVE IT. The way the fish is animated when it sings, gives me many giggles.

Great job!

Heeey I remember those singing fish! :D Actual audio footage of the real thing? I imagine that might not work so well under water hmm... and hey there was a demon there after all! Fun stuff.


Okay, this was pretty great. Holy shit. It's terribly cute and I was getting vibes from multiple popular series all kinda rolled together. I'd say tinker around with this world a little and see if you can come up with something fully TV-possible. You're really not too far off from it now, imo.
TV is of course limiting so maybe just enlist the help of others once you've got a solid idea and let the show live on Patreon support? I dunno, just throwing ideas around, but I see a lot of promise.

dis real charmin

Man you should've joined here earlier, You're getting multiple frontpages in less than a month.
Most people can't even claim to get one in a year.