Booty Calls

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Help mermaid princess Andriella fulfill her task by getting it on with the hottest chicks of Naughty Beach! Below the surface of the blue ocean, the curious mermaid princess Andriella desperately wants to see the world beyond the surface.

NOTE: You may have played Booty Calls on Nutaku but this is also an authorized version.

Game developer: 3X Entertainment

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iv played this game for more hours on steam then on here mainly because the fucking thing wont long for me on here.
but i can say with over 20 hours in the game on steam that its not really worth playing.
the bubble matching is fine and fun but what really kills this game is the wait times and the micro transactions you have to wait so damn long to able to do anything in this game to date a girl to fuck a girl to even ask a girl a question it all takes energy and it takes 5 minuets of real world time to get one energy back so you do the math thats almost 2 hours just to get full energy just to play again.
but even if you do play you have to do so much grinding to even get any where in this game when you first start out you will keep failing dates because bubbles dont give you much points at first this is where upgrading comes in to play by dating fucking and asking girls questions you earn cash you can use this cash to upgrade your skills upgrading skills gives you more points for bubbles making dates and fucking easier to beat.
now this would not be so bad but because of this energy issue not only do you have to grind for cash to make girls easier but because of the wait times it could take you 4 hole days before you upgrade far enough to the point where you can take on the girl with out worry of failing.
and this is just the tip of the iceberg you think cash grinding is bad well then how about we add in gift gathering yup to even get to the fucking you have to grind gifts from different locations once you have enough gifts you can then fuck the girls and different levels however this is a huge pain in the ass more the cash grinding because with cash every girl gives you cash but with gifts only some locations in the game have some gifts so that means you have to keep playing the same locations over and over and over and over again to make any progress and once again this is made worse by the fucking wait times i swear dude the first time i started playing this game it took me a week to even get to the fucking.
but hey dont worry about all this because all this can be fixed... for a fee yup because this is free to play there are a ass load of micro transactions a lot of them way over priced for so little like to 5$ real cash you can get 500 in game dollars like what the fuck or diamonds 1$ for ten diamonds thats not even enough to by pass shit.
when you use diamonds you can skip a lot of the grinding and get to the good stuff right away but holy fuck these microtransactions are insane like i shit you not there is one transaction for 300$ in the game that gives you over 200k in game cash but from what iv seen this is not even enough cash to fully upgrade even a single skill.
i could keep ranting on and on about this game but iv already spent enough time here so in short dont wast your time with this one many people have said it already but just go play huniepop its why better then this and wont try and ass fuck your wallet.

I like the game but it keeps crashing on me.

The game is ok

Well the graphics of it all was pretty fun some really smooth visuals from what I did see it took a while to load aswell, so that tells me its a bigger game, but to create a whole acount nah It is just not worth the effort but from the visuals the graphics look really good.

Remove the create an acount and im sure it will be much better


Well, it's hard to judge this. I don't want to create an account for one game. It's just not worth it. This has the lowest score of any adult game. I don't even look at regular adults games much. The drawings don't look good.

It just has little to offer. I guess this is why the score is so low. Where's the sound? There's too little to do. Well, I'm sure there's more willing people that like this.

Fuck this bullshit, not creating a fucking account for a stupid game.

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1.56 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2018
8:35 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating