Mooning Time Animation

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hey its my first time making an adult animation!
This animation was based on an adult comic made by a very talented Penlink.

There are HD GIF version of each scene on Gumroad!,

Please support :)


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I like it, but those sound effects need a lot of work imo

Pretty good for a first try

Can say, for a first: Bit long. But, manages to keep it together relatively well.
The style honestly seems to be a bit all over the place.
Like, Marceline seems to be draw almost by an entirely different artist. Same with Finn. It's just very... all over the place.

Likewise with how Marcy has a flat, hentai vag. But then Finn has a hyper dick.
And around the 2 minute mark,it seems like Marcy's pussy is upside down? But I'm not 100.
The music doesn't really add much tbh. It likewise feels a little out of place. Bit loud as well.

And then it kinda just... ends? Finn cums, leaves Marcy hanging, she looks pissed. Then stands about, then oddly waves at him?
Apart from knowing that I just watched porn, I honestly don't know what this was supposed to be, outside of porn. It's very disjointed and rather "just there". Despite seeming to try and tell a story.

Anyhow, I think it has potential. But, I think you need to focus what you aim to be doing. As, currently at least, it is very all over the place.

a lot of cutting of frames and clips, some of the music and sounds are a bit off beat, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.. for a first time animation, great job.. keep practicing, honing those tasty skills and keep working hard.

cant wait to see what you do next