Stray Girl in The Slut World ver.0.04.3

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Move: Arrow keys, Num pad, Click
Act: Z, Enter, Space, Click target
Cancel, Menu: X, Esc, Num pad 0, Right click
Dash: Shift
Hide Heroin Picture: Q, Page up
Hide Message Window: Shift
Fast-forward Message: Page down

Stray Girl in The Slut World is a hentai RPG. All characters are perverted, female. The female protagonist strays into a world filled with sluts and sexually fights with them. In this game, you bring her up, let her fight against sluts, and sometimes make her defeat to be raped by them.

You can download latest version of this game in the author's Patreon page. And please support us if you like this game!

Currently recruiting testers. Please send me a message if you are interested in playing test versions.

10/19/18 Fixed bugs.
10/8/18 Fixed bugs.
10/6/18 ver.0.04 update. Added some trophies. Fixed bugs.
10/1/18 Fixed bugs.
9/27/18 Fixed several bugs. Added new passive skills.

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Art stolen from a different porn game. Loading screen looks like an underaged child. Nothing here is worth it.

I really want to like your game, whats up with the difficulty? I can't beat a single enemy in the game except for the dog chick and even then she wins more then not.

Decent cross of rpg maker pokemon style rpg and kisekae art.

riceconstructionz responds:


There was a bug when i went to speak with mimi and it was her bed and such and now im stuck so. yh.

riceconstructionz responds:

Thank you for playing! I've fixed that bug.

This was good up until I hit bug. Talked Mimi, and it thought that Mimi was in fact, Mimi's Bed. I tried to load before the scene played out but I accidently saved so now I'm stuck in a wall.

riceconstructionz responds:

Thank you for playing. I'm sorry about that. I already fixed that bug.

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2018
9:19 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG