Flash Pet Peeves: #1

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This is a short movie i put together in a day or two, so if you hate really short movies prepare to be disappointed, Sorry. This movie can only really be appreciated by people who have tried flash, but it doesn't matter if you haven't. This is jusy one of many little things I hate about Flash 5.

I really don't get this frustrated, I only made the movie make a few people have a chuckle or two... I hope.

Your reviews would be great thanks.


TO the user below me

1.your a dumbass
2. Mx kicks so much ass
3. where are your movies? oh ya i forgot your dumbass you cant do shit in flash

anyways my review: this movie kicked ass but if your having that problem just draw a little at a time then convert all of it into a symbol. hope that helps hehe.

Chuckle... MX Sucks...

The essence of one of the many features MX offers, captured in a movie that shows just how much it can truely piss you off. Great visuals and idea. Perhaps more on the other shit that sucks, too?

Oh thats classic :D

Hahaha! That feature if a fucking pain huh? I command you to make more! More I tell you! Flash DOES have alot of quirks that piss people off. If you REALLY want to be pissed off, go and download Flash MX and try usign that... Damn MX sucks balls...

I know what you mean

I dont use the pencil tool that much for that exact same reason bro, very very very very nice graphics! I cant wait for #2.

use the free hand!

Very nice graphics,
you have to use the free hand bro
I only make menus and stuff in flash so I don't know anything about making movies but I do know that

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3.53 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2002
12:10 AM EST
Comedy - Original