Poisoning Pigeons: The Animation

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An Animated version of the famous Tom Lehrer song.

I've felt like this needed doing for years, but wanted to get to the point where I could really do the song justice before doing it. This took a couple months, and I've used it as my Summer project between years of university, so I hope you enjoy it more than I did making it in the last stages!

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What a musical pleasure! Uplifting and disturbing at the same time, though so harmlessly animated you can't really be turned away. What a catchy tune, too! Nice work.


Love EVERYTHING About this!!

Tom Lehrer was a hoot!

Wow, first, I thought that was plagiarism because there is another rather famous austrian artist Georg Kreisler which has pretty much the same chancon: "Tauben vergiften im Park". But after a little research it seems it is the other way around that Kreisler stole this song from Tom Lehrer. Or maybe not. It is not entirely clear. But who cares. The animation is nice. :)

You glorious bastard. I love Tom Lehrer, thank god someone still remembers him. Had a great style and lots of references hidden about. Wonderful twist at the end. Love to see future renditions of his songs by you. If anything, please try to add more in-between frames and when animating back and forth, remember that when one goes forward at the end of his forward motion he goes backward just about an inch; vice versa I believe we call it Easing?