Better toilet game

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The point of this game is to get to the purple platform at the end of the course.

You use W for forwards, A for left, S for down, D for right, and space for jump. You use the mouse to turn. To free up the mouse, press escape. That should be all. Have fun!

(If you don't look at the sign, you won't know that the platform moves with you)

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There isn't much to this game but this is the start to something that could be fun. The platforms in the beginning could be spaced more and maybe move to be more of a skilled jump and if the balls in the 2nd obstacle were moving and replenishing it would make that part way more treacherous. I loved the final green platform obstacle, there could be a whole game on that idea alone. Lastly there has gotta be a reward at the end, though I did enjoy riding the green platform into the vast emptiness at the back of the game.:D


No point in wasting time commenting this. There's hardly any content.

Maybe this game is supposed to be something, but nothing loads. Judging by the other reviews, it's bad, and nothing happens, so... Maybe make an actual game?

- musics good but too loud
- cant look up or down
- no sound effects
- cant see any gamplay feutures. only jumping in to a ball room and then its a dead end the door at the end of the ball room doesnt follow me btw

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1.94 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2018
8:23 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle