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Madness Frankfurterfication

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This was an extremely fun project I started a few months back (and worked on in between multiple other things) purely due to my fanboymanship of Krinkels's Madness Combat series, an animated cartoon saga I have been in love with since I was a child. Since years ago, I had numerous Madness fan-animations I started, but it was until now that I had finally finished and published one. I hope you enjoy!

Also, a very special thanks to Blarrgensnorf and OfficialNovacore's super-lit audio tracks!! They paired up with the video so perfectly it makes me want to cry a little bit.

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this dude could fight hank
how many times do ya think he's been to hell?

That dude needs anger management

uh i have a question

why do some of the people have yellow blood?

You should've given the man his $4