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Snow Bunny Adventures Vol2

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I apologise for how crazy delayed this game has been. Once the html5 version was complete my laptop just declared "lol never more" and died before i could get an AS3 version going.

with a shiny new pc and back from holiday, i am proud to present a much delayed continuation of the snow bunny series

Usual disclaimer, before you mention in your review that this isn't a game, it's also not a movie, its far more a game, than a movie, it cannot be classed as a movie, stop leaving that comment, its just silly

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[# Underdog theme]
[Man] Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Simon Barsinister,
the wickedest man in the world.
He was evil and crazy.
Simon and his wacky henchman, Cad,
schemed to rule the universe.
But each time they were foiled by me,
the greatest superhero
who ever lived... Underdog!
[Man] Ladies and gentlemen,
I come to you this evening
to discuss the growing problem
of crime in our city.
Here in front of me
are files of unsolved cases.
[Underdog] We're getting
ahead of ourselves.
That's me in the uniform.
I was raised, since I was just
a little puppy, to fight crime.
Never had a family
or a place to call home.
I was raised with one purpose
and one purpose only:
To help people, to keep them safe.
Nothing was going to stand in my way.
- [Man stops speaking]
- Easy, boy.
- HoWever, to the families involved...
- You got something, boy?
- [Barking]
- What Was that?
Alpha Dog has got a lock on the stage.
I think it's the boxes.
Criminals should not be alloWed
to keep their freedom.
- [HoWling]
- Clear the building!
[Man] We need SWAT here, now!
Please hurry, your honor.
[Man 2] Everybody out!
Blue team, go, go! Move!
[Electronic beeping]
No radiation.
No metal.
TWeezers, and We'll lift.
Easy. Right doWn the side.
Yeah. SloW. And slide.
I bet you didn't know
a beagle's sense of smell
is 55 times stronger than a human's.
Well, mine's not.
It's a gift from
the American Pork Association.
I Want a full debrief, now.
[Laughter continues]
[Dogs barking]
[Dogs laughing]
Nice Work, rookie.
You found an exploding ham.
Quiet, I smell a bomb.
You! You should just
turn in your tags.
[Dogs continue laughing]
All right, I'll be honest with you.
I wasn't the best dog on the force.
In fact, I was probably the worst.
The ham was just
the latest of my mistakes.
Like the time I chewed the extension
cord and it was plugged in.
Or when I met that cute poodle
and it turned out to be a guy.
It's hard to feel destined for greatness
when you keep messing up.
But, destiny's a funny thing.
It'll creep up on you
when you least expect it.
Last one for tonight.
[Dogs barking]
Excuse me.
Uh, there's been a big mistake.
I'm not a stray.
I shouldn't be in the pound.
This ain't no pound, son.
This place makes the pound
look like the dog park.
By day it's OK, but at night,
once everyone's left,
that's When the freaky stuff happens.
What kind of "freaky stuff?"
- What did they do to your hair?
- What's Wrong With my hair?
[Stammers] Nothing. Nothing at all.
You Were saying about
the "freaky stuff. "
All I'm saying is When the guy
in the White lab coat
pulls out the giant needle, run!
[Laughs maniacally]
Welcome to the graveyard.
Yeah, nice and quiet,
just like I like it.
Uh, sir, excuse me.
We're not open right now.
There's no access to the labs.
Oh, really? I'm sorry.
That's all right. Don't Worry.
Oh, Wait. What's this?
What does this say?
Uh... "All Access. " Sorry.
It's OK. You all make mistakes.
But I forgive you.
Because that's the kind
of person I am... humble.
A humble genius.
[Man] It's OK.
Let him in.
Again, I'm sorry, Dr. Barsinister.
- I'm terribly sorry.
- It's OK. HoW Were you to know
that I am the most important scientist
this company has?
You couldn't have.
[Elevator bell dings]
- [Barsinister] Who's the neW hire?
- Him? He, uh, used to be a cop.
I was thinking that maybe
We should take it easy
on the after-hours stuff.
You know? Clandestine.
A three-syllable Word? I'm impressed.
I bought a, uh...
[mispronouncing]... thesaurus.
Good for you.
But even if he is an ex-cop, We don't
have time to skulk about. Look.
"Police Dog Training. "
It's a great idea.
Why didn't you think of that?
Because training is a fool's process.
I've met With the mayor,
and I told him hoW We could
take this city to neW heights
through genetic manipulation.
- Yeah? What did he say?
- The fool actually laughed at me.
That happened to me once.
I had my pants on inside out.
Nobody told me for the entire day.
- Stop talking now.
- Oh, right. Right.
I'll be the silent partner.
Just because you're the only one here,
Cad, does not make us partners.
WoW. A real-life mad scientist.
Yeah, and he ain't even mad yet.
All right. Bring me the neW dog.
Your lucky day.
[Barsinister] And now,
the most important DNA.
- [Whimpers]
- [Barsinister] Oh.
Don't Worry, little guy.
It Will only hurt... a lot.
OK, let's do it, partner.
Gross! Your mouth was open!
Just hold him.
- [Barking]
- [Screaming]
[Cad] Hey, Doc! Get him!
Get in the game, Doc.
He's right there.
No, no! No, no!
My research!
- The serum.
- [Cad] He's going for the door!
Run, boy. Run, run!
Bring me a cheW toy from the outside.
And maybe some hair gel!
[Gasps] It Works.
- [Screaming]
- Doc!
[Indistinct chatter on police radio]
I'm pulling the security tapes
and running a computer sWeep
- of Dr. Barsinister's research.
- Dan, We'll handle it from here.
When there's a crime, they call a cop.
When someone Wants to
sign into the building, they call you.
- [Laughter]
- Right.
That's Why you're the chief.
With a big filing cabinet
marked "unsolved crimes. "
Hey, guys...
Yeah, that was some night.
I was homeless and hungry.
And just when I thought
it couldn't get any worse,
these numbskulls show up.
[Male dog] Hey, runt. You lost?
- The name's Riff Raff.
- He's Riff Raff.
- I've marked this territory.
- Yeah, he marked it.
Look, I don't Want any trouble, OK?
Well, then today's your lucky day, mutt.
I'd rip you to pieces,
but I don't Want to get my paWs dirty.
Yeah. You're not
Worth his time, fleabag.
- [Chuckles] Fleabag. Yes.
- Get him!
SWeet. We're going to get him.
Come back here!
That mutt dumped my trash.
Come on. Get him, boys.
- He thinks he's a greyhound.
- Look at him go.
[Riff Raff] I'll eat
that runt for dinner.
Dibs on leftovers.
- [Tires screeching]
- Oh! Speed bump.
- What a Way to go.
- I'm With you, boss.
Let's get out of here.
[Dog Whimpering]
Hey, I thought I clipped you.
What are you doing? [laughing]
You're a funny little dog.
Come here. Come here.
Let me see. Where's your collar?
Oh, is that a kiss?
Where's your collar?
You don't have a home?
Why don't you come home With me? Huh?
We got a nice home, just for you.
- [Engine starts]
- What are you doing out that WindoW?
I know what you're thinking.
He just hit me with his car,
and I climb in the front seat.
Look, I may not be able
to smell a bomb,
but I can smell a good person.
- [Keyboard clicking]
- [Boy] Please excuse Jack Unger
from any and all activity
because he has a bad cold.
No, too simplistic.
He has shingles.
No, I already used that.
Come on, Jack. Dig deep.
[Sighs] I got one.
[Dan] Hey, Jack,
you ready for school yet?
- Yeah.
- Come on out back.
- I can't. I'm busy.
- AW, come on.
I got something to shoW you.
- [Groaning]
- Hey, I heard that.
Yeah, you're a good dog.
Can you sit for me?
- [Sneezes]
- Oh. God bless you.
Here's your ba...
Hey, Jack. Look.
- You bought a dog?
- No, I didn't buy him.
I, uh, I found him on the street.
He's cute, isn't he?
I thought maybe We'd go for Walks,
take him on a hike.
Hikes? Oh, fun.
Hey, look at that. I think
We should call him... Shoeshine.
Considering all the other
things he probably licks,
I think that's the best call.
Jack, I just thought
he Would be good for you.
Take your mind off a feW things.
Listen, I'm telling you
I am fine, all right?
- OK.
- You don't have to keep doing this.
You've got other things to Worry about,
like being a prison guard to lab rats.
You know What?
I like the neW job.
[Phone ringing]
If you don't Want the dog, I'll
take him to the pound this afternoon.
[Door opens and closes]
- Hello?
- [Groans]
No, no, I'll come back.
All right. Thank you.
I got to go back to Work.
- What about Shoelick?
- Shoeshine.
Listen, do me a favor.
Keep an eye on him.
You know What?
Give him a chance.
- You might even like him.
- I don't think so.
All he does is eat, sleep and poop.
Then the two of you
have a lot in common, don't you?
[Barsinister] I can isolate specific
protein strands in animal DNA.
Then combine them any way I want.
This will give him
the speed of a cheetah,
the ability to fly like an eagle,
or the strength of an animal
one hundred times his weight.
Forging a doctor's note, Jack?
Is this What it's come to?
I didn't forge it.
So, you expect me to believe
that you have... "monkeypox?"
[Coughing] It's pretty bad.
I don't know What disappoints me more,
the fact that you did it,
or that you did so poorly that
you couldn't even fool a P.E. Teacher.
Ahhh. Food.
Yep. Definitely smell food.
It's not dog food, but it's about to be.
Oh, no.
They're going to blame this on me.
Oh, well, bon apptit.
A- ha. Homo postalis,
the Great North American Mailman.
Natural enemy of the dog.
- [Barking]
- Look, the Ungers got a neW cat.
Come on. Come on, come on.
Is that the best you got?
You Want a piece of this here?
That's right. Run, mail-slinger, run.
And never come back here again.
- [Tires screech]
- [Cat screeches]
Great. Two for one.
Hey. Is that a tennis ball?
[Chuckles] This day just
gets better and better.
[Grunts] Whoa!
[Pants] That couch tried to kill me.
There is something
mighty peculiar going on here.
- [Door opening]
- Huh?
- What did you do?
- [Whimpering]
Dad is going to kill you.
And then me.
I really hope this is chili.
Give me a break.
It was an accident.
[Jack] Hello?
Dad? Is that you?
Come here, boy.
- Did you hear something?
- No. Did you?
- Did you just talk?
- Huh? What? Hmm?
Whoa, Whoa... Wait a minute.
You can understand me?
[Both screaming]
OK. OK. Deep breaths.
Get some fresh air to the brain.
You're just imagining this.
- Wait. You...
- Bad dog. Stop talking.
Wait. Stop.
Person, heel.
Come on, Who trained you?
Person, just Wait.
- What did you just call me?
- Sorry. I don't know your name.
Jack. Nothing. Stop talking to me.
Look, I can't stop talking to you,
Jack Nothing,
because I'm freaking out here.
If We're going for a Walk,
you may Want to get a poop bag.
- What?
- I have that special feeling.
Maybe you're the problem.
A Weirdo kid Who can
suddenly talk to dogs.
HoW did you learn to speak English?
- HoW should I know?
- Can you speak other languages?
A little retriever. Some shih tzu.
My Chihuahua is a little rusty, though.
- OK, I mean other human languages.
- So English isn't enough for you?
Shh! That's Molly,
a reporter for the school paper.
She'll have a field day With you.
Just speak dog.
Arf. Arf.
- Hey, hoW's it going?
- Good.
- Were you just talking to someone?
- Just my dog.
I've got my dog, too. Polly!
[# Styx: Lady]
OK, here We go.
Uh, hello. I'm Shoeshine.
Oh, Well, hello. I'm Polly.
- [Barking]
- [Laughing]
I think she likes him.
I've never seen you.
Are you neW to this park?
Oh, yeah, I just, uh, relocated.
You smell Wonderful.
Like a half-eaten pig's ear.
Excuse me. "Pig's ear?"
Is that What passes for a pick-up line?
No, no. I, uh...
Well, I've got to get going.
Come on, Polly.
- Master calls.
- So, uh, Will I see you again?
Look, you're a cute beagle and all,
but I Want a little pizzazz
in a relationship.
A guy Who can sWeep me
off my feet, you know?
- Hmm...
- But We can be friends, OK?
- See you later.
- Yeah. See you later.
"Friends?" "Friends?"
I don't Want to be friends.
I'm looking to settle doWn,
to find Mrs. Right.
She could be Polly Shoeshine.
Or is it Polly Shine? Or is it...
Hey, Frisbee!
- What was that?
- It's my instincts.
I just can't help myself.
Whoo! What a rush.
OK. What else do you do?
now bury the bone. Let's go.
Good boy. Bury the bone.
Uh, excuse me. You Want to tell me
Why you're talking to me like that?
What? It's doggy talk.
Well, it's demeaning.
Give me the stick.
- Hey, I think I struck oil.
- Shoeshine, get out of there. Come on.
I hope no one saW that.
What else do dogs do?
Hey, they smell.
- HoW's your smelling?
- My schnoz ain't too good.
Got me fired from my last job.
That's ridiculous.
Come on, just try it.
Smelling makes me nervous, and I...
Ah... ah... ah-choo!
Glad I didn't try
to hold that one in.
I Would have bloWn my brains
out of my ears.
OK. Um, What are they saying?
[Indistinct voices becoming clearer]
[Girl]... When I talk like that.
I'm not gonna spend...
I know. We'll talk

OHHH that bbc animation , Fuck bro you improving !

Captain-Freeman responds:

you the real mvp

Been a while since you've seen me around here, huh? Yeah, hi, I'm back, ahaha. Glad to see that you're constantly improving! An earlier comment made some fair points (one that you replied to) about sound clips and especially climaxes.

Other than those two, keep persisting and you'll continue to get better. Can't wait to see more from you, my friend!

The D and that animation is nostalgic so here have a 5 star ^^

Its just getting old now. Maybe the first one was decent but this is terrible.

Captain-Freeman responds:

thank you for your opinion