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Author Comments

In this game you play as a human sized robot using the powers of a VCR to get through one way traps that were meant to keep, someone? something? inside or maybe it was outside? either way YOU WANT OUT! Whats out there anyway?

The best way you could support me with this game. is by going to sites like coolmathgames and requesting the game to be added via email :)

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The game is very good, the graphics are well worked and the robot design is well done

I felt I needed to comment to balance things out after the last person's comment. The game is good. I didn't find any glitches and it seems obvious you at least took some inspiration from Portal when designing it, which there is nothing wrong with; Portal 2 showed things from the perspective of two humanoid robots while this one seems to be something you'd expect for construction purposes, which makes it neat to think it has a personality. With the inhumanoid robot, things seemed even more desolate inside the facility.

The puzzles were challenging and you made it so rewinding back and forth carelessly could ruin things for you if you didn't take into account that the blocks won't continue their movement through rewinding time if you aren't there to move them in the first place. I did feel like I managed to beat some levels in unconventional ways; you gave the player a lot of power and that can lead to players overcoming obstacles in much easier ways than intended. Also, I would suggest, in the future, not to have a key control to the game next to the reset feature; I've accidentally reset the levels a few times.

Other suggestions:
- At the end of the game, have a game reset feature so players have the option to replay the game instead of having to reload it.
- Trying to maneuver the cube in small passage ways was tough since you made it so the cube would be a set distance from the player so trying to get it over and around the player is difficult when there isn't a lot of space to work with. It's also difficult to jump over the cube without moving it.
- For some reason, I really liked the fact that you could walk on the cube when time was frozen. I'd suggest implementing that into future puzzles if you ever make a sequel or remake it (you could also make some wacky levels, like having to throw the cubes into the air and then freeze time at the specific point to make a staircase somewhere.
- For the ending, I actually liked it though maybe try making the walk on the surface longer. It felt a little short.

I do hope to see more games from you in the future. Good luck. Also, try getting the game on Armorgames and Kongregate.

brendendeveloper responds:

Thank you. I cant help but agree with both of you on the improvements. also can i just say that this game is not a 5 star game and its not a 1 star game its somewhere in between. Its not meant to be a full super long game. its something I made over the summer for fun. and for that I'm happy it gave some people a good experience. know that I'm digesting the criticism from both of you and I'm not ignoring him because he's negative and just as such I'm paying attention to you not just because you are positive but because everyone's opinion should be taken into account.

This game is not long enough. Just when I had thought I had started seeing potential in the puzzles to become challenging, the game ended. I could see this as more of a DEMO than an actual full game. Sprinkled throughout the levels (and by sprinkled throughout, I mean in three levels) there are messages that start to build a story (and by story I mean a bog-standard escape narrative.) These messages are just randomly placed, by who or by what, you never find out. It makes you wonder why someone, or something is desperate for escape when the puzzles are so boringly easy and the outside world is a standard, unexplained apocalypse that you walk around in for less than half a minute before the game is over. For putting so much emphasis on escaping, the actual escape was just the end of the puzzles. I can see you drew inspiration from Portal, a fantastic game in all regards. But in portal, escaping feels more impactful, since at the end of the tests you are supposed to be killed, and you make a cunning escape. But in this game the exit is handed to you after a series of trial-and-error "puzzles" and, unlike Portal, doesn't give you a feeling of accomplishment, this game instead gives you a feeling of "Man, I just wasted 20 minutes of my life." I imagine that the ending was supposed to be like the ending of the second Portal game, where you escape and end up in the middle of a field of wheat, that ending gave you a feeling of unknown, you had no idea what the real world would be like, but this game's ending shows you a world that could be rebuilt and started again by robots such as in WALL-E, but instead you "rewind" possibly to the beginning of the game. Now I know why that text on the wall is so desperate to leave, if I had to play through those puzzles a second time, I'd also eagerly await death.

brendendeveloper responds:

I'm sorry you hated your experience with the game. But is making a new account for a 1 star review worth it? That's up to you to decide but I feel 1 star is very rarely deserved


Pretty cool :3 I like all the puzzles.

brendendeveloper responds:

Thank you :D

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2018
7:17 PM EDT