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Shadow of a dying sun

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Author Comments

- Removed the "axe" item, that only created confusion. It wasn't used to interact with the environment, it was a mere decorative item, that would have been mentioned in the ending sequence. But it's not necessary in order to end the game.
- Concerning the lag issues: we've asked a couple users and on the Bitsy Discord channel, and after doing some tests ourselves, it looks like that the lag issue is present when the game is played on some laptop computers. According to a Bitsy game dev, Bitsy games are more cpu-intensive than they seem: more tiles and sprites, less good the game performance. So, at the moment, it looks like it's an issue of Bitsy itself, and not of this game in particular. We're sorry that we can't do more about it.


The man who puts a backpack on his shoulders and takes the road that disappears into the horizon, knows that on his path he will find great adventures and dangers. But then, why was that town so filled with sadness and gloom? Why, after going to bed in a normal inn, the reddish light of the setting sun doesn't want to step aside and allow for the night to fall? The red light shines through the windows, taking away the depth of every thing it touches.
From a nearby room comes a feeble monotone: that quiet prayer gets along with the reddish light, and prevents every traveller from resting his weary body.

Arrow Keys to move. Touch things to interact with them.

A game made with Bitsy, in collaboration with my brother Nirag.
Soundtrack: "Morbid World Atmospheric SFX" by bobboomerangz (on looperman.com)


Hi! This is my first game with Bitsy... due to my lack of time, Nirag helped me with some things!
I hope you like it!
IMPORTANT: pay great attention to what the characters say... they may provide important clues!

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Good narrative but wish it was longer...

Short game but really interesting story. Love the retro vibe, music, art, simple game play - everything fits together well. Tip: listen carefully to Edom's history; the old man has lived out of town for a long time so hasn't kept up with the news.

Nirag responds:

Thank you!
Good advice ;)

make it saveable

edit: oh... shoot...

Nirag responds:

Unfortunately, it's not possible. I've made the game with Bitsy, a tool with very limited possibilities, and saving the game is just one of the many things that can't be done with that tool.

I loved your Arch Stanton reference in the graveyard.

Nirag responds:

Great that you caught it!! :)

The old man was right, the forest behind that house is hard to navigate.

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2018
11:39 AM EDT
  • Bitsy