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This is my short for madness day 2018,so, happy madness day and happy birthday Krinkels!
This short began around end march and i intended to release it in summer cause april is when all the shits coming down,and by shits i mean exams,but when the summer come, i was being a little kid,enjoy it and lazying animate this,until near september that i got motivation boost and so i done this rip off short(i thought i was being original with the title and colored name,but burtjack already done that so yea,a short that 100% unoriginal)
Thank everyone who give support and motivation boost for me,hella thank sentry for making this short 99% better,thank clatform and kelzad as the monster above and the fbf scenes was take inspiration from the REALM 4 trailer,and you,for watching this short.(also thank cheeseman(not shootdacheese) and Leonstar2021 for supporting me and sorry for forgoting both of you)
will try to make original content after this,but only time will tell if it good or not.

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thece responds:


such a creature
so much power but why
where does it come from and is it really a threat against them

thece responds:

such a ceature,it being created for a sole purpose
so much power,but it still being controlled by it master
where does it come from is still a myst that i will reveal(i think?) in the next short that im working on

So they did survive?
Nice animation tho I like it

thece responds:

they may survive this one,but i cant sure they gonna live the next time u see them

very cool

thece responds:

thank thaboss365,very cool

COMBAT: Eh. It was OK. There was so little of it, So i can't make much of a judgement. But atleast it wasn't the "stereotypical OP protagonist kills grunts".

Music: This was a great score, SentryTurbo did a great job with this. You be sure to thank him.

Protagonist grunt - Not too original. just some reskinned blood textures attached to a grunt, along with a satchel. Fairly skilled in combat. Not too OP.

"Zombies" - Again, Not too original, just a reskinned grunt with some gore attached to them. Decently skilled.

Big Black Abomination - It was probably the most original design in the entire animation. My name Doesn't do it justice. INCREDIBLY OP.

Soldiers - Grunt, armor. yadda yadda. heard this story before. Though the gun one of them was using was cool.

Animation: Smooth AF. you did a good job here. and that little sequence that was shot simularly to the REALM 4 teaser was nice.

Overall: Quite a nice little animation. Used the whole "other place" concept that's getting overused. So yeah. maybe next time, don't. That missing half star was for the lack of combat. A must in an animation made using a format originated by a guy who's second and most popular series is called "Madness COMBAT".

thece responds:

Thank for the big criticism,about the zombie bois,i prefer them as the dead,cuz it sound cooler and those boi do have brain(kinda?)and thought,so yea
this animation is more focus on "escaping" than actual combat,my next animation(which is again another floating island rip off thing (pls read my post before go on full "u wot lad" mode)) but it will got more action and a kill that i think would satisfying to look that,so yea,look forward to that i think?