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Starfreaks: Howling Flame

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The Sacred Gem has been stolen! Hunt down the Starfreak called Howling Flame and return the Sacred Gem to its rightful home!

Cover art by Troxath

**Updated 12/21/2020

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Hard not to sink my life into these.

I will need to come back to this when I have some more time at once. I'm loving it so far, but I sort of just skimmed through most of what you've written and what I gleaned was delightful so I'm really looking forward to having a chance to experience your talent more fully.

The only drawback is a limit of the medium more than your skills. These sorts of games don't often open by grabbing you by the balls. A consequence of not being more visual, mostly, I would imagine. However, pitting the player in a grueling 20 minute fight with some sort of boss might balance it, I don't know.

Starfreaks responds:

thanks for the feedback! hope you enjoy your time with these adventures :)

Corruption of champions for regular dudes... Nice...

So many amazing ways to fight!

Starfreaks responds:

shit all over the floor!

Great Game,i liked this style and the idea itself,but you could add some images to the game to be more cool,and i really don't know how the number system works,but good job

Starfreaks responds:

the skill checks are based on d20 dice rolls but i can work to make that more clear! thanks for the feedback :)

I've never played many text adventures but this was very cool! I love the lighthearted feel even in the most dire situations which keeps the adventure exciting! Great work!

Starfreaks responds:

and that cover art.... its just so sexy! i want to lick it