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Hello Spells! 5 Points

Cast your first spell

Untapped Potential 5 Points

Get any spell to level 5

Buster 10 Points

Break through 50 obstacles

Kitty Kitty 10 Points

Get smacked by the kitty

Lost Traveller 10 Points

Travel backwards at least 500 feet in one run

Novice Traveler 10 Points

Travel 5000 meters

Reach for the Stars 10 Points

Reach the stars

Super Tender 10 Points

Bounce chicken 1000 times on the ground

Animal Master 25 Points

Get 30000 experience from creatures

Animal Trickery 25 Points

Get 600 experience from creatures in one run

Coming Through! 25 Points

Break through 5 obstacles in one run.

Exemplary Student 25 Points

Get to wizard level 10

Experienced Traveller 25 Points

Travel 50,000 meters

Spell Prowess 25 Points

Get any spell to level 10

Tenderizer 25 Points

Bounce chicken on ground at least 20 times in one run

Boarwarts Grad 50 Points

Get to wizard level 20

Bookworm 50 Points

Level all spells at least once

Master Traveller 50 Points

Travel 500,000 meters

Power Overwhelming 50 Points

Get any spell to level 15

Spell Mastery 50 Points

Cast a power level 50 spell

Author Comments

"Dear BoarWarts prospective,

As part of your entrance exam, each student shall receive one magical creature to which they must imbue their magical powers.

Real as it may seem, do not fret! It is merely an animated doll enchanted to withstand punishment from most arcane creations.

The creature will take note of only your most powerful incantations, so cast away at your hearts content! We look forward to seeing the fruits of your studies.

May Magic be Forever In Your Favor
-Headmaster Fumbledeer"


Author notes: As a fan of launching games like Turtle Toss and Flight as well as having a keen interest in magic users in video games, I wanted to try to make a game that combined the two. It's my hope that I was able to even remotely come close to the quality that the aforementioned games have and any feedback is appreciated :)

Update:Fixed an issue with fireball

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Sick of clones that aren't even as good as the game they're trying to clone. Look if you're going to clone a game, make it at least as good as the original. The progression in this is slow and unrewarding, gameplay gets stale fast, scene does not change until level 5. Why am i a wizard? The skills and abilities are poorly balanced. Flappy chicken? you cloned 2 games in 1, and neither clones are as good as the original? wow.

Very fun take on a classic game, would be 5 stars but 3 big problems, I love the sound and graphics though.
1 No Save Button, if i have to reload the game (see #2) I have to start over.
2 Glitch encountered several times where I go through the ground.
3 Needs a way to end the flight early.

other recommendations include change the big Ice chunk in the air to slow chicken down not reverse direction and change the chicken flapping spell, it is flawed ( can just fly forever over the walls) but very slow.

Definitely seems like a winner. However, there is a problem with me dragging the game out of the window and only being able to see half the game. Not sure how to fix that.

Very nice game! :) ... but you might want to check the graphics at high flying speeds - the numbers become slightly unreadable:

So... not as great at clubbing a penguin, or bashing a bison, but almost as fun.
Two major flaws:

1st, this game doesn't save data like most flash games do.
2nd, the chicken clipped through the ground... twice. Which meant I could not stop the game abruptly, and I would have to start over again.

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2018
1:50 AM EDT
Skill - Toss