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In a world ruled by Cucumbers all a couple of pickles can do is survive.

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The relationship between the pickle and cucumber reminded me of "Ren and Stimpy".
Animation could use more frames, but its good.
The story was kind of random, and not easy to follow.

So this is a prime example of random doesn't always equal funny. Now I am a huge fan of random animations that you often find on newgrounds. The difference between those animations and this is that those animation had more of a focus while still being completely silly and random. Everything was random but it focused the viewer on something. The jokes in those animations made at least some sense, or if they didn't the animation and humor was enough to cover it up. This on the other hand has none of those things. The humor isn't funny (at least to me) and the animation was good but didn't cover up the lack of humor. This was a good premise for a video and I was expecting something a little better. You have good animation and potential, you just need better focus and less randomness for the sake of randomness.

ChopzStudios responds:

Thank You for the review. Iā€™m currently working on improving this area and I get what you are saying. Thank you for taking the time for the valuable feed back and for being honest because it is helpful. šŸ‘

wow it was very much a waste do better

Love the animation! Very surreal