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Glenda, the classiest galaxy tourist - Extra 2

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The classiest galaxy tourist presents: Outtakes.

Scenes not included in the final version of Episode 2 due to obvious reasons.

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Created by: Someone’s Ex ( http://www.someonesex.com )
Glenda's Theme by: Steve Rice ( https://www.reverbnation.com/steverice )

Glenda’s Theme was specifically composed for The Classiest Galaxy Tourist. Steve Rice owns the rights of the song and the show has permission to use it.

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Suddenly what had previously been a fictional show now has a fictional reality behind this fictional show... unexpected move! And nice, since not only does the blooper aspect of it all seem to fit Glenda so perfectly (even the usual episodes are like a series of intentional bloopers - though they used to seem unintentional before this), but it also redeems her incredibly violent behavior in that: it's not real. It's just entertainment. Not that we ever thought it was real in the first place but still. Genius move.



Yeah waiting for new episodes!

Someones Ex I always wanted to ax you... Who was the inspiration for Glenda??

SomeonesEx responds:

Interesting question! It looks like some members of my family (a mixture of characteristics from people surrounding me).