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Starfreaks: Hawk & Wolf

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You are Silver Wolf, a legendary spirit warrior who has sworn to defend the world of Azmar from the wrath of the terrible Starfreaks. But when Lord Hawk invades with his army of Bonefreaks, you may be helpless to defeat him...

Cover art by mogy64

**Updated 12/21/2020

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Great game, just wish there was more to it.

liked the first one better but this is still well done!

So,I've said in the previous game (Dreadnaughts) that i wasn't into the game style. But after a while I liked it a lot. But,no music makes it kinda boring. I've really liked the story! Great work KFSB! AND WHAT ABOUT THAT PLOT TWIST FOR GOD SAKE BRO

+ Typo on this sentence

Your are swords clang together again and again, the sound of steel on steel rivaling the crack of thunder itself. You slash Starchaser in the arm, forcing him to drop his weapon

Starfreaks responds:

thanks I'll fix that mistake ASAP!! :)

edit: fixed!

I love your games and hope that there will be more prequels in the future.

Starfreaks responds:

prequels and sequels galore!

Not as good as the last one, no option to side with the good guys just go into Lord Hawk's faction which kinda sucks.

Starfreaks responds:

yeah this one was too constricting to write since it was a prequel to dreadnaughts and had a pre-defined ending. won't be writing one like this again! thanks for the feedback :)