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Starfreaks: Atomic Angel

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Sword & Planet

The Atomic Angel is creating Starfreaks- he must be stopped! Only a totally rad barbarian warrior like yourself can defeat him. Travel to the mysterious planet of Bo in the 32nd Dimension and track down the nefarious villain. Prepare yourself for an epic battle!

Written by kungfuspacebarbarian & funkmachine

Cover art by PhantomArcade

**Updated 12/21/2020

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Muchos badassos!!!

Love it!

Excellent work! Satisfyingly long, just enough possibility to make a wrong move and die to make it suspenseful. Sad to have Starwisp die so soon at the beginning, but BUTLER is totally badass. I hope to see him again in future installments!

Starfreaks responds:

haha BUTLER was a lot of fun to work on, he was funkmachines brainchild

The most disappointing part for me was when I the reader reach the end and pick a music to play nothing happend. I waited for a few seconds then sighed in dissapointment. other then that I was dissapointed when that sexy mush fungus girl laughed at my majestic pecker. shoulda followed the elephant... Oh i know your tryin to pump out alot of these but would you make another like Limerick you did great on that one in, that all you're choices mattered maybe with the new one be able to pick a class like necromancer, theif paladin elementalist
or kung fu barbarian *wink* i know something like that would be alot of work tho so i won't get my hopes up. anyway good job on these *two thumbs up*

Starfreaks responds:

i've got plenty more like limerick in the works!

This game is not bad. But this would be much better if a player would lose if he is not careful and doesn't read the text. This would also be much better if the choices mattered more. This would also be much better if the background were darker and there were some music. A mature person appreciates criticism, an immature person gets offended by it.

Starfreaks responds:

aloha mega! updated the game to a darker background. look for more exciting and death defying choices in the next adventure!

Keep up the wonderful work

Starfreaks responds:

I'll do my best ;)