Kinetic Chronicle, NG03 platformer yuri Hentai game.

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New version of Kinetic Chronicle release.
****The game is 99mb and somehow loading screen is working not so well in this version, so if the become white blank screen or stop at loading screen for long please be patient. Don't worry it don't freeze.*****

Stage 0 now add to the game and Feley now have some new move.

A S W D -> Move
Left Click -> Attack
Right Click , E key -> Range Attck(Aim with mouse, hold to charge) Use E key for Firefox user since right click will disable the control. (If your control already disable click outside the game scene once and click the game scene will reenable it).
Left click during full charge -> charge save
Right click around the end of kick combo -> quick charge save
F -> Masturbate. (useless in this version since Feley cannot use Aqua Arrow yet in 0-1 stage. just for fun XD).
Click and drag some object around to move it with Feley's telekinetic power.

Difficulty setting is in Option in the main menu.

If you change language to France keyboard control will change to AZERTY as well.

Continue will show up in the menu after you make some progress in the game use it to go to the latest check point you reach.

Save is also exportable just in case you want play other version and don't want to start over. ^w^

This game eat pretty much memory so if you find it laggy, you can try lower quality (it's flash after all) or try the desktop version.

You can find the desktop version of the game in my patreon page


Also you can come to say hello in my discord Channel.


If you found any bug feel free to comment or tell me in discord I will fix it asap ^_^

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For a demo, I enjoyed it quite a lot. In the temple level, there is a bug that prevent the flower monster from attacking you until you reach the last 2 or 3 corridor sections of the stage. To break the monotony, I suggest you to add variety to the monsters encounters. Even a changement of color to indicate stronger monsters, or different behavours, something like at.

And finally, the boss is way too hard. I ended up beating her eventually, but you're forced to die at least once to study its patterns and avoid them. And since you get a mandatory H-scene at the end of the defeat, that gets frustrating really quick.

Other than that, that was a pretty cool game. Looking forward for the rest ;)

This game has plenty of flaws. The combat doesn't feel fluid, the controls tutorial is on the wrong level, and the difficulty setting is difficult to find (and can't be changed once the game has begun). However, the 2nd boss consulting the h-game manual to determine how to rape Feely was pretty unexpected, hilarious, and sexy too.

The fight against Teria, the temple boss is way, way, way too hard. It look me over 15 tries to win. And now I find that I can't even do it a second time. I literally have played this over 30 times and only won once. I can't find a reliable way to dodge the rocks other than running to the far side of the area. I get hit by one, which makes me get hit by another, which makes me be ran over by her rock mode, which stuns me, which means I can't ever recover fast enough to avoid the spike from the ground. Running to the far side means that her rock mode can easily hit me, especially during the second stage when she starts jumping high while in rock mode. The only way to dodge this is to get to the center and jump with absolutely perfect timing. There is zero room for error. Then at the third part there are falling rocks that I don't even know of a way to dodge. If there is one they appear so fast that I don't have time to react. And then when I die I have to click through a bunch of dialogue to get back to the fight. This is an extremely frustrating experience, one that I have lost interest in repeating. This boss is just too hard for me to beat. I give up.

I downloaded the Patreon version, and I have to say I quite like it. The dialogs are quite funny, the story is decent, and the sex scenes are pretty nice.

See, the gameplay is pretty basic, with some barebones platforming, puzzle and combat mechanics, but they do their job well. The boss battles in particular are quite the challenge, and the level design occasionally throws some interesting tidbits our way.

The sex scenes are all cutely rendered and nicely animated, with the downside that the genitals are always censored. It's common in Hentai to have a censored genitalia, but I never quite figured why. Anyway, it's nice that Feley enjoys every sexual interaction, even though they start "by surprise" so to speak. If she suffered during them, they'd be more depressing than arousing.

In fact, I ended up liking Feley so much that I found myself protecting her from monsters instead of deliberately letting her "take it." She's just adorable and brave and I just liked her a lot. The situations where I did get to see a sex scene were the aforementioned bosses. I think I only managed to beat Teria on my fourth try or so, and it was a rather meaty challenge in spite of the primitive mechanics. I eventually decided to save up rocks on her first phase so I could spam her on her second phase, and this kind of deliberate strategizing is something I find rather lacking in most modern single player action games.

So yeah, in general, pretty nice game. I've been reviewing A LOT of smut lately, but I don't feel bad about it... should I?


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3.25 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2018
11:15 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle