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Kinetic Chronicle, NG03 platformer yuri Hentai game.

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New version of Kinetic Chronicle release.
****The game is 99mb and somehow loading screen is working not so well in this version, so if the become white blank screen or stop at loading screen for long please be patient. Don't worry it don't freeze.*****

Stage 0 now add to the game and Feley now have some new move.

A S W D -> Move
Left Click -> Attack
Right Click , E key -> Range Attck(Aim with mouse, hold to charge) Use E key for Firefox user since right click will disable the control. (If your control already disable click outside the game scene once and click the game scene will reenable it).
Left click during full charge -> charge save
Right click around the end of kick combo -> quick charge save
F -> Masturbate. (useless in this version since Feley cannot use Aqua Arrow yet in 0-1 stage. just for fun XD).
Click and drag some object around to move it with Feley's telekinetic power.

Difficulty setting is in Option in the main menu.

If you change language to France keyboard control will change to AZERTY as well.

Continue will show up in the menu after you make some progress in the game use it to go to the latest check point you reach.

Save is also exportable just in case you want play other version and don't want to start over. ^w^

This game eat pretty much memory so if you find it laggy, you can try lower quality (it's flash after all) or try the desktop version.

You can find the desktop version of the game in my patreon page


Also you can come to say hello in my discord Channel.


If you found any bug feel free to comment or tell me in discord I will fix it asap ^_^

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pretty good game

im not 100% sure it still loads, I sat on the milky soft cat for a good 20 minutes and it didnt load

mikysofts responds:

I'm sorry, I cannot add a loading screen to this version due to file size limit. Anyways if it's loading the screen should be blank, if you're freezing at the cat(I try to draw an aplaca technically) something wrong happen. TwT

Nice game.

mikysofts responds:

Thank you, glad you like our project. We're working on a new project called KSP too, maybe would able to put on NG if I could lower the file size somehow. XD

it kinda works, just one problem, it freezes at the fat cat that has your profile name! I don't know if it's a loading screen or not, or I need to press something for it to continue to play the game

mikysofts responds:

Sorry for lately reply, in this version we push the file size to the limit, and as it turn out there are no space left of the loading screen, so there are no loading screen for this one, and the game may seem like freeze at the beginning, but don't worry it will load up. ^w^

Dear Arthor:Thanks for replying! I do got an older version, while I think the telenetic power is not strong enough sometimes. Glad to see your new work KSP in progress, and can your team make a promotion on more known websites like steam to increase popularity? I think Lenene is really unbeatable so I used CE to toggle health after consulting a grand hacker. I lost 15 times every time Lenene caught and fuck me to failure. And when she got to Phase 3,almost all her attack fell on me. And even I just beat the game, there are still pages missing in the secret diary. I know it's necessary to lose to see CG,but why there are still some after the defeat of Lenene? And there seems to be some collecting elements, one wire tied to a glove in the ruin, a sphere at the waterfall. Do you have any idea what could they do? And do harder modes have a bonus besides difficulty? Looking forward to your reply! This blog is better for communicating---https://ulmf.org/threads/milky-soft-kinetic-chronicle-re250830-rj250830.10117/page-8

mikysofts responds:

Thank you, glad you enjoy our work. And thanks for the suggestion also. I try to balance difficulty in KC too, I recently add sprint to make it a bit easier, not sure if that would help. Do holding shift to sprint work in the version you are using? If combo still doesn't there maybe you're using an older version, but don't worry the game is beatable without them too, I just add them in to make it easier.

And for Circeria if she able to free herself from Pellucia grasp it's gameover, so if she knock you down and start to choke poor Pel, you have to getup and hit her as fast as possible.

And for the art now we're working on a new project called KSP, We're using 3D stuff currently.
There are some screenshot in our site. Oh, and good news Teria now got smaller breast too. ^w^

And.., I will try to add more tentacle in the future then. XD Well, Tendoryu is a city of tentacles after all.