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Wrong Turn

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Wrong Turn is a simple procedurally generated, turn-based adventure game. You play as a lost hiker who took a wrong turn and ended up falling into a mysterious basement cellar. Now, with no way out your only option is to press downward, fighting off enemies, dodging traps, and collecting gold along the way! How long can you survive?

This game was developed over the span of 6 weeks to help me cement programming skills I have learned over the past year. The goal of this game was to develop a fully functioning, enjoyable experience, and release it before a set due date.

I am happy with the overall product and look forward to moving onto more projects throughout the year! I am looking to create a team with other programmers/artists/sound engineers who are around my skill level for projects moving forward. If you are interested in joining/creating a team with me please contact me through here, or dm on twitter @jamiiieross!

Thank you for playing, all constructive criticism is welcome.

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I like the graphs and music.
The gameplay must be improved, it would be a lot nicer if the enemy turns pass FASTER. Really, it takes a lifetime to go from the start to the finish point. Also, it would be cool to be able to attack monsters.

I like the idea you have here. One problem I encountered was that while the random dungeons are cool, you can spend the first several rounds (I went 4) without a sword appearing, which puts the player at a much higher disadvantage and becomes aggravating. The mob mechanics are well thought out. Another suggestion might be the speed in which the player moves. The delay allows for careful planning, but can be tedious. Perhaps, the player should be able to move faster, which puts him/her at a higher risk of making a wrong turn. Music is fine, but a bit on the sleepy side.

Good conecpt and decent polish for the game. You take turns and you have to watch animated responses and you get the general idea of the game pretty quickly. Easy enough as long as you use your noggin a little bit to navigate and know that the enemies they change usually after your turn.

Interesting concept, but the turn based system could be paced better. How do you understand the spikes' movement? How do you face enemies? These mechanics, which have a cool potential, are left to the random chance of procedurally generated levels. A couple fixed levels here and there, especially at the beginning, make a far more engaging game!

Nice character design (It was the thing that make play the game), music it is lovely and theme it is very creative, reminds me a fire emblem in a smaller scale. The only thing that could improve is speed. Good game in general, thank you.

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3.52 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2018
12:19 PM EDT