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House Of Whipcord E01 "Nazis & Cannibals"

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Seamus & Alexander realise that devoting their lives to the pursuit of the rarest, filthiest and most downright disgusting VHS tapes that money can buy hasn't been a waste of time - they posses a certain unique skillset. By mentally condensing the vast array of trash horror at their disposal they conceive of the perfect horror movie - Nazis & Cannibals, the ultimate mashup movie. Now if only their painfully weak concentration spans will allow them to focus on the project...

Come join the degeneracy.... https://www.facebook.com/officialslugstudios/

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"Nun fuckers"


Cool animation. The art and animation are a little to simple for my taste, but the background shop and world the two characters are in is quite honestly the best thing about the animation. The art for the movies is individual, well made and overall creative.
The voice talent and story are both really good too.
Good Job.

I don't know why I was so distracted by the animation of their eyes blinking, but I was. (Was it every 3 seconds or random pattern? Did they double blink ever? Who knows, who cares xD) Also felt like the animation style was Southpark-esque. Chunky but with a bit more motion... Ramble ramble...

if you couldn't tell, I liked it!

slugstudios responds:

Haha that's such a wonderfully niche part of the animation to fixate over, but I love it! No they never double blink, I make certain of that - all the blinks roughly 3 secs apart but positioned so they look natural but don't ever distract from one another...yes I get obsessed with the fine details! :)

What the fuck..

I used to have that EXACT shirt and haircut, I have the same name as well AND I was a degenerate at that time as well!

This almost makes me thing you know me but I'm not from your country.


slugstudios responds:

Fate man, the Vertigod was watching! Maybe it's time to dig that shirt out again...it's a strong look