Space Paws (Alpha v0.75.2)

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We strongly recommend you to download the FREE game from our blog instead of playing it here. This is an online (and lite) version where some H-scenes are simpler, Foreplay Movies are not animated, there're loading screens, there're incompatibilities with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge (use Chrome or Opera if you want to play this online version or you will get an infinite loading screen and you won't be able to see the H-scenes!)
In summary, the downloadable version is the same but better.
Get it from our blog:

In this update there're 28 H-scenes (some of them are reworks from old ones), 3 fully developed planets, 4 main girls, 3 girl easter eggs and this time there's a gallery where you can see them again.

You can obtain Endings with Roselyn, Nebet, Siaren and Alison (this last one only if you date her on the Dog Planet). In future updates you'll be able to visit any Planet with Alison and unlock a (different) Ending and H-scene there.

There's also a new version with the 4th (and last) Planet and the 4th main girl (and some more H-scenes) only available for our patrons for the moment.


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i love the story line

Can't wait for the fourth planet!!! The rest is amazing, guessing the next planet will be the lizard people.

Keep up the amazing work!

I dig this game more so than the other dating sims I've played. Can't wait to see what 4th planet will be all about. One thought I had is what happens when Alison and one of the other girls you fucked run into each other? Then you're fucked right?

So much improvement. The environment is a lot more nice,sexy characters!!! Awesome!!! Loading takes a bit too long tho
Siaren End Answers
Green planet answers for final
Tie people up
party pooper
Air has particles
Wind goes around mountains
White noise
A virgin

That new easter egg made me rate 5