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My Smash Academia

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This animation is dedicated to a dear friend.

This animation was created in Source Filmmaker.

The reason I went with the English Dub was due to the inclusion of more sounds to work with and it's just easier for me to lip sync to.

This project started last year and it was only going to be the Plus-Ultra Punch. I decided to take on the challenge of doing the entire scene.

I had no help doing this animation, only suggestions and vocal input from friends and loved ones.

All of the animations and particle editing has been done by me. I didn't create the models or the particles. The assets were public on the SourceFilmmaker workshop and are created/owned by their respective creators.

The models were ripped by Apoc Hedgie and RandomTalkingBush;



This particle in particular has been a great deal of help getting the feeling of motion;


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