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❤️Quidget the Wonderwiener 2.0 (ALPHA v.0.2.56)

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Heyho, you funky sexy scientist!

You're a dog. A genius wonder wiener dog! Do some science with your fellow Science Ninja girls!

Visit the new Science Ninja Girls Dorm Room and help 'configuring' Robolty and Cybeatrize with your magnificient 'coding' skills!

For science! Stay funky,

Dez & Oni


Click here for the ❤️ SEXTENDED EDITION ❤️


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Is there supposed to be sound because i aint hearing sound still good game

Damn, I was already a Patron of Dezue, but after checking this game out I'll support TeamTailnut too! Great work!

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyhooooo mataburt!
Wow, my man! I don't know what to say - thank you very very much! ❤️❤️❤️
Enjoy the games, have a merry christmas and stay funky!

How do I get the orange cable for the Mr frankin stin

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho, Rinehart6e!
Check out this walkthrough:

Have fun and stay funky,

good shit mate, my only complaint is that I can't play it with a mouse but otherwise its great

I have a question regarding patreon: when I pay for the sextended edition once, do I get access to all the subsequent updates? or do I have to keep being a patron?

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho, Yoda!
Thanks, my man! Glad you enjoyed it!

Right now, you have to keep being a Patron since new updates come out regularly, so if you intend to catch the finished SEXtended Edition, it might be wise to wait a bit ;)

Stay funky,

Everything in this game is incredibly polished. The vector art is beyond words, the animations are impressive and the amount of love put in this game is just amazing. As a fellow developer you're really an author I look up to, specially considering how hard making games is. Keep rocking!

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho Babusgames!

Thank you very much for your kind words! ❤️❤️❤️
It means a lot coming from another dev.

I still wish it was a bit easier to make games haha
But what can we devs do? We put all our love and heart into it, and make it as awesome as we can.

We'll make sure to give Into the Forest a play soon!
Stay funky, all the love to you!
Dez & Oni