Quidget the Wonderwiener 2.0 (ALPHA v.0.2.56)

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You're a dog. A genius wonder wiener dog!
Do some science with your fellow Science Ninja girls!

What's new in this version?

The storyline continues after Quidget helps Bolty with her little experiment!
Visit the new Science Ninja Girls Dorm Room and help 'configuring' Robolty and Cybeatrize with your magnificient 'coding' skills!

Play the ❤️ **SEXtended Edition** ❤️ at https://www.patreon.com/peninja !

>>>> Check out the NEWEST Pigglet adventure:

>>>> Be a Science Ninja Dog with a hot assistant:

WASD to walk around, E to interact, Q to access the menu.

Quidget the Wonderwiener 2.0 is in Alpha stage. Follow us for lewd news and juicy updates.
If you get stuck, fetch some lube or check out the walkthrough: https://bit.ly/2x5TTRv


Power up your sexy brain and stay funky!
Your Team Tailnut devs Dezue & OniGiri

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A porn game without a lefty mode, that alone is enough reason for a 0-star rating.

But then you add a ton of paywalls as well. That's what marks a greedy developer: you put the proper triggers and buttons to activate the content and then, instead of the content, we get a paywall. If you want to make it patron only don't add the buttons at all. you're just baiting people.
I hope you're not switching as well.

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho, eusouokaos!
The lefty mode is a good idea indeed. Could you write me a PM which buttons you'd actually prefer (I assume you're a lefty as well, is that the case?) - I'd think something like U I O J K L would work, would it?

Stay funky,

And ofc I review the wrong version xD
Welp. Cba to re-play the game right now. But, the additions seem solid of what I can read.

I can say though: As some comments pointed out: It gets a bit heavy with the advertisement at times. I don't mind the "locked scene" parts, but when we have to click them away 2-3 times in one row of dialogue, it gets a little pushy.

Either case, looking forward to the next update.

A lot of work has clearly been put into this game, no denying that, and it might be half decent if it weren't for all the 'patreon only' content it's loaded with, in it's current state this is not a game, this is a patreon ad.

TeamTailnut responds:

For our generous Patrons, we basically double the sexy content that can be enjoyed in the game :)
Thanks for playing, man!

Pigglet was good this is GREAT! I really like the character designs and the story line is a hoot. I'm looking forward to more.

TeamTailnut responds:

Thanks a ton! Glad you enjoy it :)

nice. but its laggy on my computer, even if this tab is the only google tab thats open. but very nice.

TeamTailnut responds:

Heyho, man! Thank you! And sorry to hear about the lags.
We're in the process of switching engines (from RPGMaker to Unity) right now, which should give an overall better performance for the next releases.
Thank you for playing! <3
Stay funky,

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2018
6:10 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG