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These New Dating Apps Are Complicated

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Hello, there is all about the dating apps and I want to share some security issues related to dating apps. Actually, these days this business is growing up through Instagram and other social media platforms. People are sharing their dating apps here and really these are complicated. Kids may go in wrong hands and they may be victims of cyberbullying anytime. So to overcome these drawbacks I have one solution which is a tracking app. I have recently seen parent control tracking apps review: <a href="https://mytechmarvel.com/spyera-app-reviews-for-android-iphone-macos-windows/">Spyera Reviews</a> and hope it will reduce the security issue related to these dating apps.

this was a clever, creative, and quite true joke about the modern state of the ''dating apps'' that we see today.

too many requirements, and too few options.
(ofcourse not all dating apps are this complicated or ''premium'', but still: some of them are quite messy, while only the more simple ones deserve to be used+supported..)

as for your animation, it was good: the animation's speed was good, with a nice pace, and the character's might not have been detailed or very nicely drawn (sorry!), but they had nice face expressions, and the lip-syncing was great.

plus, the scenes where the one guy says: ''dude, i havent understood a single thing from what you've f**#ing said to me...'', or the scene where a lady tries to talk with the other guy, and he says ''damnit lady! cant you see that im trying to talk with my friend over here?!'' and then he says, ''i will try to find you some ladies on the app'', those scenes were really funny, clever and enjoyable.

all in all, it was a good movie, with a nice message.
keep up the good work!

CowClown responds:

Thanks Chris, I appreciate the nice feedback.