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Inferno Cellar

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My entry for the What's in the Basement Animation Jam, overall pretty happy with it.

Special thanks to my friends for voicing!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tictacsnack

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-Why the hell you take it so long?
-oH i geT It WhAt tHe hElL auewfhgapiegfaoeygfoaef

The animation was quite nice. It was interesting to have that joke at the end. I thought it would be something about a pedophile priest. Every priest is one nowadays. Well, they're at least depicted as one.

I even like the title. It wasn't great, though. It could have had more gags. As far as jams go, it was nice. They usually don't produce the best cartoons.

I wish I had a basement like that. So much space! A demon army? A league of undead minions ready to do my bidding? Awesome work. :)


Newgrounds is pretty epic

this should have gotten first place B)