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(+18) Into the Forest Ch.1

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(WARNING: this game is kinda content-dense, so it may take a while to load!)

So I've finally decided to embark myself into making a long visual novel with a cool cast of characters and an interesting story.

I've put a lot of effort and love on this, so I really hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you think so I can keep improving!

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Timlett did not deserve this

pretty cool!,i saw there's 5 chapters so ima try em out!

the game is okay, but honestly the whole 'revolution' thing makes me roll my eyes. It wasn't citizens revolting against their government, it was poor people butthurt that rich people had money and killing them for it. Not a revolution, just pointless manslaughter.

Very well done! I love this kind of storytelling! My only real critique is that the language used doesn't seem to fit at times, and the audio will sometimes continue from a previous scene even when the text implies or outright states that part is over.

this game is cool