Just Offline Friends

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gumiBlush 5 Points

You found Jaime's Hentai.

lilySpearchu 5 Points

You found Lily's spear.

bushEvil 10 Points

You let Leslie defeat Edison.

gambler 10 Points

You got addicted to the Wheel of Chance.

jnbGasm 10 Points

You found all the Tenga.

albieGang 25 Points

You beat SleightlyMusical on Challenger mode.

boxSenpai 25 Points

You beat BoxBox on Challenger mode.

bushG 25 Points

You beat Edison on Challenger mode.

fed7 25 Points

You beat Fedmyster on Challenger mode.

fusW 25 Points

You beat Fuslie on Challenger mode.

gumiNom 25 Points

You beat iGumdrop on Challenger mode.

kimiHot 25 Points

You beat AngelsKimi on Challenger mode.

POGGERS 25 Points

You beat the game!

scarraPOGGERS 25 Points

You beat Scarra on Challenger mode.

seanicWiz 25 Points

You beat Seanic on Challenger mode.

toastyGDab1 25 Points

You beat DisguisedToast on Challenger mode.

zireneCheeto 25 Points

You beat Zirene on Challenger mode.

PogChamp 100 Points

You beat the entire game on Challenger mode!

Author Comments

A fan game for Offline TV and Just Friends!
Spent a 3 month summer vacation making this, best summer vacation yet!

Offline TV and Just Friends are two groups of streamers who often hang out a lot on stream over on Twitch, they're a bunch of cool people who I watch often to wind down at the end of the day. Would recommend checking them out on their YouTube channels:
Offline TV : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDK9qD5DAQML-pzrtA7A4oA
Just Friends: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY-CXRKyWcpofl6EIR51hVQ

Even if you're not a fan of these streamers, I really hope you enjoy this game :)
Newgrounds leaderboards are supported so I look forward to seeing you all competing for the best scores!

All the emotes belong to their respective Twitch streamer.

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"I guess stuff like this good once in a while." Man, you should have read that twice, lol.

BigBossErndog responds:

It was on purpose lol, Zirene himself was laughing out loud when he read that when playing it on stream. He knows he often screws up sentences in certain situations. XD

As someone who's only played a few RPG battle games before and hasn't heard of most of these streamers I think this was pretty good.

One thing that stood out was the wheel, I was basically spamming the wheel on normal mode to get healing items. I'm not sure if the last fight is beatable without items on normal, but I didn't want to go into the fight only to find out I didn't have enough total HP/CP to win without items. I think it makes sense though, as a way to prevent the game becoming unbeatable if you use all your items in the early fights.

I thought BoxBox's fight was confusing. It seemed like every round, Attack/Content from a specific party member was effective and everyone else did lowered damage/healed less damage back. I won it anyway just by attacking with everyone every turn and healing when needed, but I felt like there was a strategy I was supposed to use that I was missing.

It was fun trying to figure out which characters to use in battle. Better than having unlimited active party member slots.

Maybe it just wasn't to my taste but I found the part after Sean and the violin guy (forgot his name) reveal their plan (after defeating Fedmyster), when you have to walk around the house into different rooms, confusing at first and kind of pointless overall. I felt like there was basically no reason for it, story-wise it didn't really make sense and gameplay-wise it was just checking every room in the house again. Feels like it was something last-minute or not thought out.

BigBossErndog responds:

Thanks :)
Yeah, there were definitely some shaky design decisions. You shouldn't really need the items for EZ Clap and Normie, you should be able to get by with all the items you pick up, and I personally tested them without using items at all. But that changes with Challenger, where items become integral, and since I didn't really want to make the house really big I had limited space to place items and I didn't want to spam items everywhere, so the wheel became the next viable solution I could think of.
I also wanted an alternative to using Poki, as being the only Healer I didn't want it to feel like she was necessary the entire game and that if you wanted you could swap her out for a bit of grinding at the wheel.

You're right about BoxBox, every costume can only be dealt proper damage by a different streamer (depending on the slot you put them in). In Challenger specifically, if you don't understand how to deal with this it would be impossible.

As for the last part, I agree it can be a bit confusing and tedious. The story explanation was to give time for Albie to build the Falcon, also expose the 'plot' about the Flow of Content a bit. Perhaps that could have been done better.

But thanks for your review, definitely has points I will have to think about for my next game.

Haha, nice game

Maybe the real content was the friends we made along the way.

BigBossErndog responds:

Haha, maybe so :)

The game is well made, with its music and pixel style, but anyone who isn't into these streamers (like me) won't understand the personalities or motivations of them, so maybe a little wiki inside the game with their web page can help us to understand your jokes (it's a bad idea explain jokes, I know, but It feels worse being discard). I like that each character has his own style of gameplay and strategy, like Edison countering Aidan, and Jaime disabling bosses and let you turn down their stats with the other characters. I appreciated that you didn't make random encounters and renew their stats after every fight, that makes your game more enjoyable and faster.

Secondly, If you will make another game like this in the future, you can put passive abilities, or use less characters and more abilities in them, like the other teaching your main character to use an special ability such as Pokemon with the MID. That would even more enjoyable the experience and let you try different builds or strategies.

Overall, a great game and a turn based RPG that isn't suck or slow, and that is very strange Nowadays.

BigBossErndog responds:

Thanks for your review :D If you want to know more about the streamers I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channels! (links in the description) :D

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2018
3:31 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG