Just Offline Friends

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gumiBlush 5 Points

You found Jaime's Hentai.

lilySpearchu 5 Points

You found Lily's spear.

bushEvil 10 Points

You let Leslie defeat Edison.

gambler 10 Points

You got addicted to the Wheel of Chance.

jnbGasm 10 Points

You found all the Tenga.

albieGang 25 Points

You beat SleightlyMusical on Challenger mode.

boxSenpai 25 Points

You beat BoxBox on Challenger mode.

bushG 25 Points

You beat Edison on Challenger mode.

fed7 25 Points

You beat Fedmyster on Challenger mode.

fusW 25 Points

You beat Fuslie on Challenger mode.

gumiNom 25 Points

You beat iGumdrop on Challenger mode.

kimiHot 25 Points

You beat AngelsKimi on Challenger mode.

POGGERS 25 Points

You beat the game!

scarraPOGGERS 25 Points

You beat Scarra on Challenger mode.

seanicWiz 25 Points

You beat Seanic on Challenger mode.

toastyGDab1 25 Points

You beat DisguisedToast on Challenger mode.

zireneCheeto 25 Points

You beat Zirene on Challenger mode.

PogChamp 100 Points

You beat the entire game on Challenger mode!

Author Comments

A fan game for Offline TV and Just Friends!
Spent a 3 month summer vacation making this, best summer vacation yet!

Offline TV and Just Friends are two groups of streamers who often hang out a lot on stream over on Twitch, they're a bunch of cool people who I watch often to wind down at the end of the day. Would recommend checking them out on their YouTube channels:
Offline TV : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDK9qD5DAQML-pzrtA7A4oA
Just Friends: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY-CXRKyWcpofl6EIR51hVQ

Even if you're not a fan of these streamers, I really hope you enjoy this game :)
Newgrounds leaderboards are supported so I look forward to seeing you all competing for the best scores!

All the emotes belong to their respective Twitch streamer.

- Use the mouse. Click a floor tile to walk to it. Click the floor tile the object/NPC you want to interact with is standing on to interact.
- WASD/Arrow Key + Space keyboard controls exist, but is broken for some browsers. Feel free to use them if they work for you.

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I would recommend this! The movement is kind've slow and so is the whole game in general, but I've read other reviews on this, so maybe it's just my laptop. The music is amazing in this game and so is the artwork! My favorite track has to be BoxBox's theme.

So this is what it's like playing with a twitch chat going on next to you?


the pacing of the game is way to slow the battles take forever simply because im constantly waiting for the text to go by and the walking pace is painfully slow. other than that not too bad of a game just PLEASE speed it up.

BigBossErndog responds:

It's pretty fast for me, have you tried using a faster computer?
Jk. But yeah, this does sound like a computer specific problem. I'm sorry. I'll try optimizing for my next game, and maybe play with other frameworks that might run better on slower computers.

I'll be honest, I got bored very quickly, that might just be me though. Loved the and graphics though.

BigBossErndog responds:

That's a fair opinion, thanks for checking out the game anyways :D

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2018
3:31 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG