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Firemoon Valley v0.01

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Author Comments

-- Firemoon Valley --

------- Newest update! - V0.06 -------------
I set up a discord room and twitter/tumblr for updates!

Bug Fixes! --
Fixed error where player could walk all over the mechanic’s house.
Fixed a few spelling errors and the like.
Fixed an error with buying in the gun shop.

Added Stuff! --
Added the Tower Keep, the town center of Firemoon Village
Added one new adult encounter with The Countess

---- Old Below Here -------

Finally have an update, it isn’t as big as I wanted, but it is a little something. I’m still working on the dragonkin sisters, very excited about them! Also working on expanding woodworking, but currently the woodworking bench IS unlockable in the game. Also boosted some of the gathering and luck skills slightly.

-- OCT 28 UPDATE --
-Added the Dragonkin Sisters!
-Added mechanic shop, added Tom the Mechanic.
-Added a quick travel that can be discovered in town via the mechanic!
-Fixed a VERY annoying bug with harvesting lumber and cutting wood.
-Fixed an internal bug on how random events were updated, hopefully it will be a more smooth experience for players now.
-Fixed a bug where Simon was showing up in more than one place at a time. Silly bastard.
-Fixed an em-bare-ass-ing spelling error! (Get it? You will if you noticed!)
-Fixed a bug stopping Simon’s hidden stash from spawning.
-Added some new quests and orders to fulfill.
-Added second floors to the buildings that clearly had second floors. What was I thinking?

Also, I set up a discord room and twitter/tumblr for updates!

-- OCT 15 UPDATE --
- Added sexual encounter with Kayla.
- Added Wood working table.
- Fixed reported grammar issues.
- Adjusted item prices based on player feedback.
- Fixed error in forest with the bird.
- Added more luck bonuses.

​-- SEPT 16 UPDATE --​
- Added wild eggs that can be gathered.
- Fixed Graphics Error (Reported on Newgrounds) on the Road.
- Added compost pile in town.
- Added a new item for hunting.
- Made Luck trait factor into more things.
- Added a pawn shop and a non-player character to work it.
- Updated several characters, so that they move around town now.
- Adjusted the math on log cutting, a lot of people seemed to feel it was unfair.

If you have any trouble, find a bug, etc, drop me a line, private message, whatever, appreciate it. GunChassis@gmail.com

- Fixed an audio bug.
- Fixed several graphics bugs, mostly with the maids.
- Added a journal room where you can relive sex scenes.
- Added fishing goblin.
- Added better fishing, second fishing spot, ability to ‘chum the water’ and new fish types.
- Added the town carpenter.

-SEPT 10 UPDATE- A few errors have been fixed, I also added a mine area to the north of the farm, for now this should help players earn money a little more easily once they have discovered the pickaxe. Thanks, I will keep working on it.

- Fireblooms now grow wild and can be looted.
- Added a mine shaft to dig in, north of the mine.
- Added a Margo on the road to give advice about stuff the player needs to be doing.
- Fixed a bug that let the player get trapped in the shop, forever.
- A lot of players complained about not being able to find items. - Added hints to make this easier.
- Added a pocket clock! It is hidden somewhere on the farm!
- Added the ability to do ‘big jobs’ on cutting wood. There is a second chopping post at each site.
- Features 3 sexual encounters
- 2 Farmable Lots
- Mining and Fishing, some other minor features to be expanded on later.

Inspired by Stardew Valley, Firemoon Valley is a simple little farming sim with multiple farming lots, wood cutting, stone harvesting, and lots of boobs and sweaty sex.

If the game is well-received I plan to add more areas and jobs, such as a sexy wood witches, lots of monster girls, maybe some group action and -options- for fun.

Enjoy! -GunChassis

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Pls make some actual advice on how to find the fishing rod. Been playing for a good 30 minutes, haven't found it.
I was so exited and then so mad

Apart form that it was amazing.


If only I had a chainsaw to make my deforrestation efforts more productive...

The crops take WEEKS to grow. The progression has no guidelines. The scenes are there, but there's very little to them. It really just needs more time in development, but I feel like this might have been released too early, even for an alpha.

i spent all night getting as far as the second farm upgrade and the part for the car(kinda bummed that it only went to the house to the auto shop ).. i was on day 60, i think i got all the "hot scenes" with the girls available for the replays (which i enjoyed) the only thing is that i wish there was more to them instead of one and done... couldn't find the amulet if its in the game... but i played since 10pm-5am so you can say i really enjoyed the game (i went with the luck character if your wondering)