Stray Girl in The Slut World ver.0.02

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Move: Arrow keys, Num pad, Click
Act: Z, Enter, Space, Click target
Cancel, Menu: X, Esc, Num pad 0, Right click
Dash: Shift
Hide Heroin Picture: Q, Page up
Hide Message Window: Shift
Fast-forward Message: Page down

Stray Girl in The Slut World is a hentai RPG. All characters are perverted, female. The female protagonist strays into a world filled with sluts and sexually fights with them. In this game, you bring her up, let her fight against sluts, and sometimes make her defeat to be raped by them.

This game is originally written in Japanese and the Japanese author translated by myself. Please overlook, or tell me, the unnatural sentences or words.

You can download latest version of this game in the author's Patreon page. And please support us if you like this game!

We've uploaded the continuation of this game on another page of NewGrounds. "premature" is a pass code to get a head start.

9/15/18 Changed the menu design. Regulate parameters of battlers and cost of abilities. Added tips to trophies and a new trophy. Fixed the disappearance of pose pictures.
9/10/18 Re-arranged the layout of status menu. Translated trophies into Japanese.
9/9/18 Fixed non-influential passive skills. Changed loading images. Added choices between starting from the beginning and from when the protagonist starts to work for punishing sluts.
9/8/18 Fixed impossibility of learning some crystal skills. Reduced occurrence of missing head.

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failed to load; great game

SERIOUSLY???? i can make it though the FIRST fight, into the town, into the shack and the blue hair girl starts a fight... THAT'S IT, after that it has this "Failed to load:img/pictures/Tail_Face_Brainwash+Climax.png" i hit "retry" a BUNCH of times, EVEN SWITCHED OVER TO CHROME SO THE GAME COULD HAVE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO the game decides that i cant play past this point, i would LIKE a fix so i can give a genuine review (EVEN TRIED DOWNLOADING BUT THAT COSTS MONEY)

riceconstructionz responds:

Thank you for playing. This version shows a problem in some cases, but that is systematically difficult to be fixed. We, however, have a new version of this game without that error. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/717742

lul what. I pressed on punish sluts and got asked for a code. i entered "slut" and it continued. Did i just enter the right code? xD

Other then that a great game so far! Looking forward for the current releases!

riceconstructionz responds:

Thank you for playing! The game will continue whatever code you press, but the gift is given only if you press a right code.

Love it, its a great game and has some cute art. I wish you the best of luck for this project

riceconstructionz responds:

Thank you!!
You can play the continuation of this game from the link below.

Can you make it mobile

riceconstructionz responds:

Thank you for playing!
I have no tool to make it into a mobile app so far, but you may play it with your phone if you open this page with google chrome app and switch to desktop mode.

Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2018
3:08 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG