Retro Knight 2.3

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Rejoice! Version 2.3 is here! Grudge is back, and this time he has churros! Play it here, or get it on iOS or Android for free! Nothing to pay ever.

Wanna pay me? That'd be dope as hell!
Drop by https://www.patreon.com/smileycrewproductions
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What is Retro Knight? It's everything a video game should be.

Retro Knight is a genre-bending mash-up of awesome concepts. It's an action-packed RPG with arcade elements all in a sandbox-style world that operates in real time! CRAZY! You can ...

• Complete orders from the King to progress. Dive into Zelda-esque dungeons, compete against others for high scores in linear adventures, battle hordes of monsters, or just get him some tacos.
• Smash monsters in a real-time slugfest full of weapons, blood, and wacky weapons based on classic retro games. Swords, guns, bombs, arrows, sawblades, boomerangs, ninja stars, and magic spells!
• Venture all over Kingdomland. Do what you want! The world is big and only getting bigger! Go fishing, start a farm, ride a scooter, decorate your yard, and do all sorts of things King Kerupt would rather you not do while you're on the clock.
• Bask in nostalgia from retro games like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Bomberman, Balloon Fight, Mega Man, Castlevania, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and more!
• Voice acted by ... me (and others)!

Get in on Retro Knight! Download at http://www.retroknight.com

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Overall, well made and enjoyable!

For those who are looking at reviews to determine whether or not to waste* their time on this game, I would highly recommend it. It is a fairly simple game, but it is well done, very humorous, INCREDIBLY nostalgic, and full of surprises, items, and places to explore. It isn't something you can easily play for five minutes and then stop, but it would be rather hard to do that in a good RPG, anyway.

There are a few problems with the game, but none of them make it unplayable. In addition, it is still in development, so there is a high likelihood that many (or all) of them will be fixed in the future.

While I definitely enjoy the game, I have a few suggestions that I think would improve it. I don't have any idea of your plans for future updates, so you may already be doing some of this, but here are my thoughts:
1. Work on the website. Many places suggest going to www.retroknight.com to find tips, but when I go there, I can't find many (or any) tips related to (for example) landowning. It isn't a high priority, but it would probably help starting players.
2. Change the way you edit your land. The current system is not bad, but it has problems. For instance, if you edit your yard, and exit without saving, but don't undo your changes, you lose the gnit you paid for those objects, even though they don't stay in your yard. My suggestion would be; instead of having your gnit counter lose money every time you place an item, have a new counter that counts the total cost of new tiles. That way, if you save your yard, it would remove the cost of the items from your actual gnit total, but if you choose to exit without saving, your gnit count hasn't been altered.
3. Adjust the prize portal placement so that prize portals cannot generate in areas the player does not yet have access to. It is really frustrating to walk all the way across Kingdomland to complete a quest, walk all the way to where the portal is supposed to be located, and find out that (for instance) the portal is in Octo Caverns, but I only have 6 badges.

That is all my complaining, for now, at least. Thank you for the effort you put into this game! I really like it, and have already wasted* more time on it than I should have!

*"Waste" meaning "playing a video game when they/I should probably doing something in real life". No offense intended toward your game.

P.S. Is it possible to get seeds in this version of the game? (If not, that's OK, but I will be kinda grumpy that I bought the farm [no pun intended] for 1000g and can't use it.)

scpgames responds:

Thanks for the thorough review! Let me see if I can find/answer your questions.

1) The "tips" for the game are still in development. I added one library in Kingdomtown that has a few books, and I am hoping to add more libraries and more books to learn about the game IN the game itself. I agree, the website is lacking in that department, and I do need to update the database of items.

2. I can work on the Yard Editor. It is currently on v2 and I am trying to add some new features when v3 is out. Your idea is smarter than my idea, but a quicker way to fix the problem is to SAVE the amount of Gnit you have when you enter the Editor. If you click CANCEL, it just reverts to that saved amount. More or less the same concept.

3. I agree and disagree with this. I want to reward players who have unlocked more areas. "AREA 1" is very big and broken into tiny tiers based on your Badges. "Area 2" is not as big and follows the guide you have suggested. Obviously I can go in and say "If you don't have enough badges to go into the Octo Caverns BUT that is where the Portal is... put it somewhere easier." but im not entirely sure I want to. Possibly. Debatable.

Im glad you got the concept I was going for as I want this to be a "Casual RPG", something you can pick up and play for a minute, then put back down again, or also play for hours.

PS: I may have to double check the seeds. They are very new and there are some stores I programmed to sell seeds, but they may not be open yet. I know there was meant to be one in Rockview and I will check it right after this message. Thankfully, I designed this game so that I can edit any level or store at any time without updating the App.

PPS: I opened the Seed Store in Rockview at E4. There are others i still need to open. Keep in mind that Seeds and Gardening is a new feature and (while I tried to beta test it to death) may have bugs. I hope not. Also I just noticed I misspelled "Cherry" in the pause menu. Doh.

v(2.3)*{game design/Sucking ass}+(RPG^-1) - originality = 0/100 = (Author who can't handle criticism) * (an awul excuse for a game) = NaCl incoming

scpgames responds:

Look dude, you voted my game a zero before. I get it you hate it and everything it stands for.

If I have somehow slighted you in some previous life, feel free to take it up with me in private. You have NEVER offered any kind of respectable criticism for my game aside from your own subjective opinions on my graphics and then pointing out flaws in my game which literally do not exist. If you want people to actually listen to your critiques, cut the childish banter, insults, and attempts and humor and instead offer your thoughts.

Otherwise. Take your hate elsewhere. You're making Newgrounds worse with your trolling.

PS: If you need a lesson in how not to be a douchebag, see the review below.

good game so far, i have a bunch of notes tho :)

seems like the menu should be opened with enter or escape, not shift. its too easy to hit it while walking with arrow keys.

i should be able to close the menu with the same button i use to open it. even if we have to use the mouse for the inventory, it doesnt seem very ergonomic to require the player to reach over to the mouse every time we accidentally bump shift.

maybe think about not adding poison units until an antidote is actually available? or at least have it deal less damage? i was down to like 5 hp from a single hit and was pretty frustrated that there was no solution nearby until the fairy pond 2 rooms later. it would be more user friendly to just give us the antidote in the same room to demonstrate how it works.

i also thought blind and poison both lasted too long. maybe have a small chance for them to wear off which increases over the duration? its not as though the combat is too hard or anything, but these effects were a real drag when you're still figuring the game out.

i was able to kill the big slime dude without opening his cage because my sword can reach through the walls but the slime attacks do not. i dont really mind this since i could just call it an exploit, but i do think the walls should block this unless theres some obvious gaps through which to attack. alternately, you could just make that green wall 2-3 blocks thick so we cant reach through.

it would be helpful to have the shop signs placed more noticeably, maybe just printed on the roof of the building? im walking very slow and am finding it tedious to locate the right shops in town, or moreover just which direction im supposed to be heading in general

scpgames responds:

Allow me to offer edits as well:

1. You can reprogram the keyboard to your liking. I can add an unpause button. I forget to do that on updates because this is meant to be a mobile game, so keyboard controls are not always on my mind.
2. For the Tutorial? I guess that's fair. Easy add.
3. Poison does last long, but there are ways to become immune and make it far less. Starting off it can be a pain. Blindness is one of my favorite 'stat effects' and I'm not likely to change it. Again, there are ways to become immune.
4. Meh. That big blob was meant to be practice anyway. I assure you in the wild... there are no walls between you and them. As far as smaller enemies go, I'm not too concerned with it. I think it is an acceptable glitch.
5. I can see what I can do about signs. There are just so many in the game it would be hard to update them all (size wise) and make everything fit. I CAN add more sign posts that you can read directly. There are a few towns which tell you where to go a bit easier than Kingdomtown. It's the biggest by far and can be confusing. Even I forget where things are sometimes.

Thanks for the feedback!

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2.87 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2018
12:27 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG