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Author Comments

!!! F for FULLSCREEN!!!

You found yourself in a strange and dark place. Somwhere in this darkness lies your terrible doom, the only way to avoid it is - shoot, shoot, shoot, reload and repeat

Arrow keys or WASD to move
Z or L to shoot
F fullscreen
M mute
P pause


My YouTube channel (I'am teaching gamedev here): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxNlBKpDTBBOaJBpB06nUzg?view_as=subscriber
My Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/kata.kata.3760

Thank you for playing BLIND, and don't be afraid of darkness, the mos't powerful monster in it is you ;)

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This is a decent attempt at demaking 3D Monster maze but I ran into two issues:

1: your sprite is too big. this is an issue when opening doors or going through passageways

2: I understand that English may be difficult. If possible, please consider using a translation device such as Google translate. it will be easier on us and better for you. good luck

I didn't really find it very much fun, but hopefully I can articulate why in a way that offers some potentially useful perspective.

As the player, I felt like I was thrown into the game with almost no visibility and not a lot of choice other than to hug a wall and see where it leads. On my first play I wandered around for a while, finding some money bags but no gun or ammo, and wondering where all the bad guys are for me to shoot until the thing eventually ate me.

On my second play I found some ammo and started to figure out that the messages about the monster being able to sense / hear / see me could be used to tell how far away it is and kind of triangulate its position a little (though not very effectively). But using that as an indicator of when and which way to run to keep my distance was a fruitless endeavor, and after a few more playthroughs I have yet to find a gun to be able to try to fight back.

After a few more, I see that the map is the same on each playthrough. So I guess I could systematically walk around mapping the place out until I get eaten, and do that enough times to map out the entire area and come up with a strategy. But I'm not going to do that; the game so far just doesn't look fun and interesting enough to warrant spending that much time walking around with near zero visibility to construct the game's map.

Bottom line I guess is that this initially came across as a game where I was just helpless, and later came across as a game where I would have to do a lot of trudging through in order to make progress, and neither of those seemed fun enough to keep playing.

katalv responds:

Thanks for a huge review!
Looks like I was looking at this game at a different angle, because I created this map and ofcourse I remember it.
In order to have more light you need to pickup lanterns, but in part 2 I'll better make something like flashlight to have a direct light
About sense/hear/see the same situation, players don't have any hints about this text, but I do, that's why game was easy to me hah, next time I should think more about how players will see this game, thanks again!
Well, by the way:
Sence - monster is 5000 or more px away from you
Hear - less then 5000 px
See - less then 1000 px and directly see you without any obstacle's on it's way

Complete piece of shite game. Many things wrong with this; many spelling and grammar errors- for example; you had the game say, "It can sence you", the correct spelling is sense. You also had the end game screen say, "Main Meny"... the correct spelling is "menu". The background music is annoying and repetitive, and is sloppy work.

katalv responds:

Well sorry, I can't afford a personal translator
For me this music is okay, I don't know why it annoys you
And why do you think this game is sloppy, I mean I'am not a beginner at making games, I tought I've made everything good, so yea, PM me please

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2018
10:34 PM EDT