Sexy Exile - Ignemis Animation Demo

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- Note that the voice is provisional and that Ignemis will get her own proper voice acting when we get to include her in the game itself.

-The support for HTML5 WebGL is TERRIBLE on most mobile devices which can make for low frame rates, lags, and bad controls

- For most people, this runs best in chrome. Also, closing tabs, especially heavy stuff like facebook or youtube significantly helps with performance.

- If you encounter any other problems, please open the console (strg+shift+i in chrome) and copy the output and send it to us.

About this release:

As our last promo release (https://www.newgrounds.com/projects/games/1220945) - which originally was more of an animation test - received great feedback, we thought it might be time to throw in another one of these to shorten the wait while we push towards finishing Date Mode.

So we asked our patrons which one of our existing characters they wanted to see the most. Much to our surprise, they voted for Ignemis, our first prototype for the demons that we want to include in the game later on. Maybe it's also because of the fact that she does some pretty naughty stuff...

However, despite some animation software struggle, we gave our best to make this one even more interactive and to put in even more extras than last time.

Disclaimer: This is not a game, it's essentially a showcase of our art and production value with the purpose of further promoting our project while maybe even gaining some extra support which in turn will enable us to put in even more time instead of needing to earn money elsewhere.

Please enjoy it.

About Sexy Exile in general:

"You are quite a popular inhabitant of paradise, where you lead the life of a king. Well, maybe there is one little thing missing: Lately, the worldly pleasures of the flesh had become increasingly tempting to you - despite not exactly being a divine trait.

Maybe you shouldn't have picked the bosses favorite angel though... "

Sexy Exile gives you the opportunity to date lots of hot girls and - if you're doing it right - make sweet love to them!

About Peachaboo:

Hey everybody, this is Cucu & Zanzo. We are Peachaboo and we strive to create sexy and high-end 18+ adult games with fresh ideas.

With the help of our patrons (thanks a ton <3), we are currently working on our second core mode which is Date Mode, where you can get to know the girls and their stories in a fun blend of card and board game elements. Sexy Exile will be available for free.

We hope you enjoy our releases so far. In any case, we would be thrilled to hear your feedback and hope you'll leave us a kind rating or maybe even consider supporting us in making Sexy Exile.

Read more about us, our game and our plans on our Patreon page:

Cucu & Zanzo

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Great Loop from what I understand from your game she's supposed to be the villain of some sorts where you fight a battle of endurance with her? If so will there be some sort of ending where you keep losing to her and be a sex slave of her whims? :)

Peachaboo responds:

Hey, thanks for the kind words! :)
She will be one of the demonic seductresses to be encountered later in the game. Due to the way our game is structured, which is unlike a classic visual novel, there won't be a full blown story scenario for losing and we don't want to encourage players to lose. We will think about how we can bring scenarios like that into the game, maybe we can at least touch on something like that in X mode itself.

This was great, it made me cum like a fire hydrant.

Peachaboo responds:

Hehe, good to know :D

it looks great, but i can't get the sounds to work. Any help?

Peachaboo responds:

Hmm. Can you try to open up the console in your browser and send me a message containing whatever is printed there?

Looks really great! Will there be an option to change the skin colour on the dick?

Peachaboo responds:

Hmm, that would be something to think about, thanks for the input :)

Can't wait for this to be finished, if you can do a Nikki demo next <3

Peachaboo responds:

:) happy to hear that!
I guess we'll focus on finishing date mode next, so I can't promise anything Nikki-related too soon.

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Sep 2, 2018
12:54 PM EDT
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