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WASD/Arrow keys - move
Z - undo
R- Restart

A puzzlescript game about turning walls on and off whenever the player is next to their corresponding cube.

Source code: https://www.puzzlescript.net/editor.html?hack=f5b7ba44a147e370feeb7c1ed81f663f

(Part of my daily puzzlescript creations. Visit my page for more)

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Whaaaaat. Your puzzles have always been fair up 'til now. This time the rules change without warning or explanation between levels: until level 4 you can't push multiple blocks at once, but on level 4 you suddenly can, just because it's now necessary to solve the level. Inconsistent rules are not fair puzzling.

I've liked almost everything you've made before this one. rosden whyyyyyyy

rosden responds:

I came up with a good puzzle that worked without pushing multiple blocks at once but I couldn't come up with any other good puzzles that worked without pushing multiple blocks. So I thought I could be sneaky and leave it in. Guess it was not the best idea because people noticed it :P. I won't try to do that again XD