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Trailer to new series "Lucid"

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Author Comments

this is a trailer to episode one !!

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not bad at all for a newer animator

RedeyestheSecound responds:

Yeah would of been a cool story but the story would be to long and doing the art work for the toon I did not wanna do cause I dont like how my art style looks but the series idea deserves alot better

This is just bad looks like it was made in ms paint.

RedeyestheSecound responds:

lol yeah I did make it in paint i think it took 168 images ?

oh, i wasted my time here, one of the worst "animation" i ever saw

RedeyestheSecound responds:

Wow .. so just because I hate "one" of your games your gonna give me a hate comment after how I liked your past 3 games... wow I see how you are now glad were not friends thanks for your useless/ abusive review! atleast when I left my review on your crap game "the vampire diarreahea" a game which probably took you 2 months to even think of lol any ways atleast I wrote why I disliked it and did not just try to give you crap like your doing right now I hope you loose your fans infact with my fans I am gonna record this and show how you truly are ! Nah nvm you aint even worth the recorded review dude.. Honest grow up!

A thrilling ride from start to finish. A cinematic masterpiece that rivals Spielberg, Orson Wells, and Coppola. I’m almost to the point of tears as I write this. This is art. Art.

RedeyestheSecound responds:

Thanks for the feed back I am excited as I make it so far that was only 63 slides full show is gonna be at around 200 slides

this looks like it was drawn by a 4 year old

RedeyestheSecound responds:

Well its the story thats gonna count mostly dont worry about that I dont think a 4 year old can make a 65 slide animation they would not have patience in time my art will be alot more smoother and I tried to get help making this series so you would not have to see my bad art but now its time to be created Thanks for the feed back