Lusty Loop #1 - Risky Boots XXX Parody

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In this first Lusty Loop XXX parody animation, a brazen tinkerbat dares to defile Risky Boots' buxom bosom with a titty fuck! Lusty Loops are smaller, bite sized Lusty Lizard creations where the featured character is voted on by my Patreon community. Enjoy!


Android version: https://mikandi.com/app/17836

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Pretty good for a short loop. Animation looks nice, and clean. Everything else is fine. I like what I see.


This is more or less another Shantae-themed loop with a curvy pirate captain. Of course, the LustyLizard artstyle does do wonders in grounds that have otherwise already been tread. If you're a fan of Wayforward's characters and a fan of sex animations, then you'll most likely enjoy it, simple as that.

Character design and clothes look really good. Very solid motion as well.
The psudo-oversized tits and the hyper dick do stick out a bit. Especially with how her torso and spine bends. But the expressions and sound are just greatly implemented.

Personal favorite has to be the bandana tbh. Just like how it goes on and off.
No pubes does fit the series. Seeing how the only body hair that seem to exist is facial :P
A little unsure whether or not the top of her pussy would be visible. But, it could possibly be 100 % concealed.

On that note however: The genderswap option is done really poorly here.
There is no disclaimer, and it's literally integrated into the "underwear" button.
Like, those that prefer Risky to not be female might miss that option entierly as it's not even advertised. And those that don't want her to be anything but female, could get a bit agitated that it is literally just shoved in their face without any warning.

But, all and all, it's solid.

Is Rowdy romp part 2 still on its way?