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Zombie Arena

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Author Comments

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Arrow Keys = Move

Z = Action Button

X = Exit

Esc = Menu


Mouse Clicks

in the town of Elbak there is an arena with zombies inside. your goal is to kill zombies, tier up, and earn trophies to win

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likliklik0 responds:


It was very well done, the art style was nice, the in-game mechanics were good and the idea was original, it all tied together into a nice, funny story that worked very well. The music was nice as well, altogether it was a lovely game.

likliklik0 responds:

Thank you so Much! You Have Steeelshark to thank for the Zombie Art. I Haven't gotten good reviews in a long time so this is amazing to see.

Zombies are too cute,
human(player and NPCs) ways too ugly.

likliklik0 responds:

Lol Ok

I get the feeling that this game's design isn't heading in the right direction. It looks like it would become a grind fest of endlessly killing mob-type enemies and gradually leveling up to kill more mob-type enemies. A big part of what makes people like RPG games is that there's a story unfolding and lots of places to explore. Sometimes also occasional tricky fights that call for well thought-out tactics, but most of the appeal is from a story and exploration. The mob battles seem more like stuff to fill time and make the game seem bigger and richer and take longer to play, but they're not what makes an RPG game fun. It looks like that will end up being all this game will have to offer the way it's currently set up, and I don't think that's a good approach for making an enjoyable game. Unless this were an idle/clicker game in which case the dumbasses who like idle/clicker games are perfectly content to fight mobs all the time or leave their computer to fight mobs on its own.

I recommend trying to build a world to explore and a story to unfold, not a dungeon of mob fights. Or go with Artem's suggestion below and use a different battle mechanic that makes the battles more fun like a top-down shooter if that's possible, but IDK if RPG Maker can do that.

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2018
11:26 AM EDT