Bush's Letter to Santa

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I haven't made a cartoon in over a month and for the moment I'm just burnt out on animating all together... This is what I came up with without animating the hell out of something, please rate on humor and graphics, but don't waste time rating the animation.


Funny as hell

Not much to rate one, however it was hilourus and it showed george bushes real colors. I gave ya an 8 on graphics cause you did a good job on the bush face in the back


u portray George Bush as an asshole and an idiot GJ
I like it very much!!!

Bush ain't bad, but the cartoon was great.

1. Our economy is actually doing quite smoothly.

2. Bush didn't get his winky whacked. TWICE.

3. At least we take action. Clinton... Hmmm.. Oh, yes! Spent 32 million dollars on:
1. Passing out pamphlets on how to clip toenails.
2. On reasearch of the mating habits of houseflies.
3. On a survey on why people don't like beets.

4. Clinton completely ignored are threaghts for Sept.11.

5. Clinton gave pardons for $.

I can go no and on, but I won't. Hit the books.

As for the cartoon:
Very well done animation, voicing, and concept. Keep it up!

Didn't want to load for a while there... but did

And as for OrgGladiator. What has Bush done for us that Clinton didn't do better? I don't know if you noticed but we have a huuuuge fucking deficit from where we were three years ago, and its steadily rising. Bottom line Bush=Moron/Disaster.

Pretty good.

I bet dubya really wrote that list!

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3.42 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2002
6:19 AM EST
Comedy - Parody