Bush's Letter to Santa

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I haven't made a cartoon in over a month and for the moment I'm just burnt out on animating all together... This is what I came up with without animating the hell out of something, please rate on humor and graphics, but don't waste time rating the animation.


u should be shot

go get bent u stupid shit

Bush haters rejoice!

You are so stupid. This isn't funny at all, except to the people that force themselves to laugh because it's anti-bush. This doesent deserver 3.47, and it doesent even deserver 2.04. Maybe a 1.67 or something would work. Anyway. People that say "It's funny because it's true!!!1!!!11!!11one!!1!" need to shut up. How is this true? Tell me. Give me more made up statistics to show me that this is true somehow. Does Bush really write to Santa?!?! OMG!!!! IT MUST BE FUCKING TRUE!!!!1!1


It's funny because it's true...

Nice cartoon. Although the voice sounds nothing like Bush; it sounds more like a Kentucky colonel, or in general a southerner trying to sound sophisticated, rather than trying to sound like a cowboy.

The "big fat sack of cocaine" part was hilarious!

It was good

hehe that comment about the oil was priceless and the whole thing flowed pretty well. I Wouldn't have noticed the whole "not moving" thing if you hadn't brought it up. And ther is no need to make flash once a month, relax, true art takes time.

Its good for a Democrat like me.

Thats funny. Although the part about Bush's balls and a bag of crack were kind of mean to him. I mean, he's got the mind of a child, be nice to him.

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3.42 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2002
6:19 AM EST
Comedy - Parody