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A Day in the Park!

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Animated this in about 16 hours total. Not bad. Wanted to play with some visuals and try some new things out. Working on NBS3 next.

Youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JekI9ok09o0

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So that was notbad at all this was kind of a short one but the idea and intent was simple and you executed it well with some nice visuals the art and animation is great as always and you got a good chuckle from me so this was a nice little animation you have here, anyways good stuff.

no major changes with this would have liked a longer version but it was all good.


Lol, at first I thought it'd be an animated version of Brandon Rogers's "A Day at the Park" video

Needs more Yoko

WooleyWorld responds:

said nobody ever...

Came for john Lennon. Stayed for the bird!

this tbh