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Sororita´s Penance

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Author Comments

I make public this animation made for my patrons.

This scene just illustrate what happens when a battle sister is taken alive for chaos servants (yep wh40k fan here :D)

If you like my work yo may support me. I would glad to see you there :3


Hope you like it. Have fun!

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but well drawn heresy

In the name of the emperor, call in a exterminatus!

Seamless loop, good audio; very subtle (small moans paired with growls) with little repetitive noises. The art style is hand-drawn featuring impossible size-play between a sister of battle and some mutated fungal boyz. Whether this mutation is an adaptation to a failed attempt to sterilized the sporific reproduction of the Orks or a gift to Slaanesh, I am always delighted to see more Orkz! Or any of the Xeno's scum from the glorious warhammer universe!

Only critique: The line work and coloring of the orks armor stands out in a way that does not incorporate well to the rest of the pallet.

Keep up the good work!

[Graphical] Hand-drawn art style.
[Physics] Low abidance to physical laws.
[Audio] Very alluring audio, subtle, varied.
[Kink] Size-play, Inter-species (humanoids).

DeepStroke responds:

Thanks for the review! very accurate ^^. Now I see it there´s many things to improve here. Maybe someday I'll remake this little animation with a cum scene and all :)

Rated A for - Absolutely Heretical!

DeepStroke responds:


It's not bad, but I just have one thing to say to all females who think a dick this big would be a good thing, it would literally kill you! It would tear your insides up and you would die from internal bleeding, sorry to disrupt your gigantic dick fantasies but someone had to say it lol

DeepStroke responds:

Thanks for the warning ;)

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2018
9:52 AM EDT

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