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I present to you my first game - Fuckerman. Game for adults, which is a mini quest.
If the game does not work, you can download version for Windows https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wso2B4JZ0LXYC2rRIHWutdcK7xlxPPv5/view?usp=sharing
support my games on www.patreon.com/bambook

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great game! I'll be checking out all the other levels now ;)

so, due to the lack of hints. I'll give a quick guide:
-Go to the bar on the right and pick up the key.
-Open the door to your house and get shotgun and ammo plus extinguisher.
-Kill the android and have your way with the girl in the backroom.
-Go back outside and kill the android by the bar and extinguish the fire.
-Shoot the barrel next to the other house that requires a key.
-Go forward to the girl on the rails and pick up the key.
-Use the key to open the last locked house, enter the house.
-Pick up the gasoline, the knife.
-Fix the generator and turn on the tv, then go back to having your way with the tv girl.
-Save the girl on the rails with the knife and have your way, she will give you some money as well.
-Take the money, buy the girl a beer. Have some fun with the bartender, pick up the beer afterwards and go give the black girl her beer and you're done with the game.
Then go back to the train station and hop into the train to finish.

missing key

Can you write that to eqipt gun you press 1

the reload isnt working