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Author Comments

So what i have here is a simple picross game. If you dont know HOW to play picross, this game sadly doesnt explain it to you so for people who know how to play picross im sure they enjoy it.

So what do i offer here and what are the rules?

- 50 Levels
- 15x15 each
- Saving progress (at menu screen you will see the blinking "saving...")
- 15 Minutes per Level
- Lose 1 Minute for a Miss
- easy controls: left click to check a field and right click (alternative Space key) to set a cross

PLEASE leave a Feedback and tell me if you found a bug. I hope you enjoy it somewhat, its simple made but still fun to play if you enjoy puzzle games /picross games for sure. :D

If you need help with "how" to play, im sadly pretty bad to explain that myself but maybe ths video will help you out for the better:


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Heyo, I love Picross and I like your game! What you need to figure out how to do is to disable the dialogue box from opening up for the right clicker. Using space only lets you X one square at a time and that shiz is painful tedious. X'ing a lot of squares in a swipe, like the Squaring works, is a function that is natural and needed.
If I could suggest a neat feature, don't know if its within your scope, is to have completed sections highlight the corresponding numbers.
Love your effort though. I do about four 50x50+ puzzles a day.

WAtheAnum responds:

Hello there!

Well that was exactly the problem i have :c I tried to figur out how can i "disable" this flash menu which pops up if you right click - sadly i couldnt find how... Thats why i add the space bar alternative that youre still able to Xs cells out. i know its "slow" but i thought, next to the filling out cells qickly, setting "Xs" is mostly slow where you concentrate. I still hope it work out well for you and that you still keep enjoying my game, even if its not perfect "yet" ^^

how about you put a brief description of HOW to play the game in the notes section? thats why its there?
mightve actually given this a better rating but you had to leave a comment "oh you dont know how to play? well this game wont teach you"
ill give you a one because i want the protection point

WAtheAnum responds:

Hello there!

Well the original tetris didnt teach you how to play it but you still understood it somehow right?

As i said, My picross game doesnt teach you how to play picross coz it would be hard, for me at least, to explain it how to play it. Else, google exists and im sure picross tutorials are somewhere outthere. But since people maybe lacks of the use of looking up tutorials or duno what google is, let me quickly help you with this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjcUW4h7Zxo

This game is missing too many features to be a good Picross adaptation.

- you can't drag to create multiple squares. Makes filling out a row painfully slow.
- number indicators of completed rows/columns don't grey out
- the field has no subdivisions. IE a 15x15 field should be subdivided into 5x5 squares so you can measure it easily by eye
- Xs should be filled into cells of incorrect guesses

WAtheAnum responds:

thanks for the feedback and your honest opinion!
I took my time and worked on the "problems" you counted up so i can say, the most of them are fixed now and it should work and play way smoother:

- you can now hold down the left mouse button to fill out the cells. Crosses still need to be placed one by one
- i added a 15x15 grid a 5x5 that it is better for the eyes to look at it as whole
- If you miss, the field will be filled with a X if it was incorrect

The only thing i was not able to fix was actually the "grey out the numbers" thing, sorry about. :c

Still i think now its way better and plays way smoother. still thank you for the feedback which helped a lot ^^

Credits & Info

3.04 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2018
8:42 AM EDT