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Hungry in a maze, a flappy-mouthed orb searches amongst ghosts.

This game was made as an exploration of the possibilities of Bitsy, a browser based game creation tool developed by Adam Le Doux. Bitsy does not support audio, hence the lack of in-engine audio here.

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Somebody call 911. Looks like Ralph finally wrecked the arcade.

A nice explorer game with a different take on Pacman and mazes.

Wow this game is absolutely amazing.
At first I thought what is this crap, when I interacted with the first ghost and I couldn't eat it.
I stopped interacting with any ghost, and just continue the maze, till something interesting happened.
Then I encountered the maze area where you returned to the previous area, and I knew I had to figure something out to continue to the maze. I actually went back and talked with the ghosts from that point to get an understanding how to navigate the maze. When I passed that point, I really digged the exploring feel and wanted to explore the entire maze, looking for an end.
Got confused too many times, till I found a map. Actually opened a second browser to navigate the maze alongside the map. Navigated the maze till I reached the point: this is your maze.
Interactions with ghosts are funny, in the beginning they didn't seem necessary, but as the maze started confusing me I had to talk with them to figure out what to do, bright design of forcing your content upon me in a good way.

Loved the area where you could suddenly walk through the path even tough it looked unwalkable if you walked the circle.

Exploration feel in this game is sub par! Well done
Had a feeling that something scary was about to happen all the time , but it didn't .
I think greatest improvement point for this game is music that goes along with the exploration. Besides that some replay ability would be nice: multiple endings, can't of anything else right now

Looking forward to your next game!

It's nice, and I enjoyed playing it, but maybe make pacman turn when he goes in a certain direction?

A cool weird take on Pac Man, it's a little dry though. Could use a more interesting story or even some horror elements? This has the vibe of a horror game. I was expecting something to pop out at me or chase me the entire time.

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3.17 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2018
4:18 AM EDT
  • Bitsy