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The Power of What is a meta puzzle game built around a platformer.
Each level grants you or reveal a new power.

Will you be able to discover the hidden mechanics and find the real end ?

Move the characters and use the mouse.
Left: A
Right: D
Jump: Spacebar or W
Mouse: left clic

Warning: the Power of What is finished, don't let the game make you think otherwise !

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this is a beta version of inspector gui right?

Note @ Kirbomatic's guide: At LVL -2, gather 4-5 1-ups as well. You'll need them to get to the door at -4. To finish LVL -5, you have to do the opposite of the title.

Also, really enjoyed the game! It was fun and enjoyable.

I love this game, and I finally got the real ending! how I got there was a bit surprising, but fun nonetheless. I only wish that there was a secret, SECRET ending. I love that in the first few levels you get new powers, and use them to unlock the rest of the game. I also want more levels, or at least a sequel.

And now, to help the poor, helpless souls who have no clue how to get to the secret levels.

0: try to get the power of level, and change the level to 0. you will get a power important for the rest of the secret levels.
-1: use 5 1-ups on the plant in level 1. then fall in the hole.
-2: in -1, have the music turned off, the enemies dead, no 1-ups remaining in the level, no 1-ups left in your stash, and get hit by the spikes.
-3: turn on the music in -2, and use the 1-up when all enemies are alive. get the 1-up and reset the level to do this easily.
-4: in -3, turn the music off and reset the level. then, use your score and get to the enemy.
-5: after reaching -4, go to level 9 by going through the doors in the negative levels and use your score to go through the gap at the top and get to the door outside. it's that easy.

I hope this review helps you if you're stuck on the secret levels.

It's a good game. I'm not getting the logic of why I beat -1 though.

How did it add to -2?

Awesome game. I'd love to see more from you in the future!

The feedback seems to harbor a lot of frustration, so for those who haven't yet given up: hopefully this will help a little without giving too much away!

1-6: Learn your powers through the level titles!
0: Permanence = "The state or quality of lasting or remaining unchanged"... If we could start over, would we keep anything? And if we could... would we start differently?
-1: There are no extra lives after death. Death spares no one, and Death is quiet.
-2: Any cheerful party has everyone dancing to good music - and a good drink, provided that your pockets aren't empty...
-3: Did you see that?
-4: Now that we know almost all of our powers... what did we learn about titles? Can you name them all?

Best of luck to all of you!

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3.78 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2018
5:07 PM EDT
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