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Humanity is Exhausting : Foamy The Squirrel

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Let us all take some time and reflect on this toxic thing known as "humanity".
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The word of Foamy rings pretty true these days! Dystopiangly so... nice simile with the ocean too. Feels like it could've gone further on the topic of humanity though. Here it mostly turns into: Internet.


i'm trying every day to get back to how i used to be...

I've been avoiding platforms where toxicity is rampant. Life is just too short. Awesome animation and topic as usual:-)

"The internet is literal ear-rape in visual form, I can't stand it."

-The Squirrel, Foamy

This is my new favorite quote of all time.

One thing is a lot of sites have gotten worse, it's especially bad on ones with the tools to create a hugbox, or heavily biased mods. That sort of shit is "in" right now, it's less toxic when the tools to make a hugbox are not available, and the mods don't get rid of dissenting views.