Sexy Girl - Ugly Truth

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Totally forgot about the event, and this is the only thing I can come up with within the remaining hours, sorry no 18+(for now),.

if you understand the scene reference,
good for you @_@

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people are so full of crap, pretty girl, boyfriends, stripping, prostitution lol. give me a break, first off, guys have it way worse, we don't have a single line of strings to pull if we are not lucky or worse, mess up, being a pretty girl means you can pretty much get any dumb job you want if you had to, easily find a good partner that's well off, like literally, if you've failed all that, now here is where I could say "you probably deserve having to get jiggy once or twice", but I wont, you know what ill say, ill say something even worse, maby you'll have to join the club and suffer and pull your weight like most of us unlucky enough to be born with a dong lol, but hay, it wont be that bad, atleast you don't need the money to attract a partner for fun....and for a million other reasons as to why you need the opposite sex's attention. but hay, I guess some where born with all the luck lol, maby that's why some of us get so little, its a balancing act right, lol. you eat it, ill pay for it, you can have a nice life so that I cant have one, and ill give you that, because why not, (at this point), haha. god wont save you, wont save either, us dogs have to.....well....we don't have to do anything, we just are. I cant make a video but I can tell you how things really work in this world and hopefully idk, the next is interesting, maby we save our luck to dodge bullets. but spare me your pretty face, atleast, wait its far far to late and the person needing, well, hes long gone too, so I say oh well to you, my friend. maby you reading will think im full of shit haha, I am in a world of shit, and atleast, between the two of us, I can smell it. good luck, to all of you.

18+? What Could That Letter Mea-- Oh My Gosh...

Is the mother a stripper who must strip to put food on the table for her kid?

Animation's kinda basic, but cute designs and it at least made me feel something, that is if I "got it."

too short, even if it gets the point across. silent story is immediately understandable, if grim and depressing. interesting direction, though i think anything vocal--or anything other than background music--would've probably ruined it, so good choice.

music should be nice, btw, but the left-to-right balance is migraine inducing (translate as, "had to rip my headphones off"): if the composer can't do stereo right, stick to mono. definitely different from your other animations, but not really for better or worse, quality wise. not bad, anyway. nice place to start.

I'm very familiar with Backroom Casting Couch's Background.

Definitely get the theme of desperation.
Though I agree this is too short.

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3.39 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2018
12:02 PM EDT